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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

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Tim/Jay. As Masky or not, doesn't matter. And...him not being too evil or mean? I guess I don't mind some antagonism, I'd just like to see something between these two that ISN'T non- or dub-con.

I'm so working on this. Give me a couple days. Maybe one. Maybe two. I don't know yet.

But soooo working on it.


(This is probably not exactly what the OP was looking for, but hey, it's something. After Jay found out that Tim is the masked man)

Slowly, Jay ran his hand over his face, his back resting against his car, his mind going about a thousand miles per hour. All this time, it was Tim. He was the one in the house, the one leading him to that... thing, the one that was causing him so much stress and pain. And yet, it wasn't sure if he was mad yet.

He should go back. Alex had just left him there, his leg broken and bleeding. He should go back and help Tim.
After all, even if it was him who has been following him around and leading him places, it was Tim. Tim was his friend. He had known Tim since they began working on Marble Hornets together those years ago. They were friends. And friends don't leave each other behind. But, the circumstances were different. He couldn't go back. Alex told him to say put, to lay low, to not do anything stupid. Jay sighed.

Just as he was going to stand and climb in to his car, he heard a sputtering engine of an old truck coming by. The truck, old with a faded green color, stopped behind Jay's car and waited for a moment. The passenger door opened, and Tim stepped out. Or, more so, limped out. His leg was crudely binded with a piece of metal piping that was in the house and some twine of some sort.

Tim blinked, shutting the door and watching as the truck drove off. When he turned back, Jay watched his eyes. Tim looked to be in a great deal of pain. Mentally, Jay kicked himself. Of course he was in pain. Alex had just broken his leg with a block of cement. At least he didn't stab, or kill, him. Jay shuddered at the thought, making Tim only stare more intently.

"Jay," he said huskily, one of his hands numbly rubbing at the top of his injured leg. Jay got to his feet and wiped the seat of his pants free of dirt.

"Why?" Jay asked finally, placing a hand on the car and shoving the other in his pocket.

Tim made a small, struggling step forward with his good leg, dragging the other behind and wincing.

"I can't... I can't explain it right now, Jay," he said, almost desperately. "I just... can't."

Jay just wanted to grab him and shake him. He wanted answers. He wanted to know what was going on, how Alex got involved, how Tim got involved, and most of all, how it all started. But, he knew that would not work. Tim was barely standing, and by looking at his face, barely keeping himself together and awake. So Jay did what his gut was telling him to do.

He walked right up to Tim, who was watching intently as his personal space was beind invaded. Jay swallowed the lump in his throat and promptly snuck his arm aroun Tim's lower back. Tim's breath hitched and he sunk his teeth in to his cheek. Jay, nearly forcing himself to ignore Tim's reaction, grabbed Tim's arm and slung it around his shoulders, supporting him on the side with the injured leg.

"What are you doing?" Tim finally asked once Jay was in position at his side.

"Something stupid," was the answer. Jay chuckled when he realized that he was directly disobeying everything Alex told him to do. He wasn't staying put, he wasn't laying low, and he was doing something stupid. But it didn't matter, he decided as he urged Tim to walk towards the passenger side of the car. Right now, his friend was bleeding and it wasn't getting any prettier.


Jay leaned forward, opened the door, and propped Tim against the side of the car, who allowed himself to be manuvered around like some sort of rag doll. Jay slid the seat as far back as it would go to give Tim's leg enough room, then turned back to him. After a pause, he grabbed Tim again and moved him to sit in the car. Tim winced and sucked in a sharp breath as he sat down, his legs still hanging out of the car awkwardly. Jay moved to grab Tim's leg to hoist them in the car, but a hand on his wrist stopped him.

Confused, Jay looked up at Tim. "What?" he asked, narrowing his eyes. "I'm trying to...”

But he was cut off when Tim pulled him forward and covered his mouth with his own. Jay's eyes widened, staring at the closed lids of Tim's eyes, unsure of what to do. Tim pressed a little harder, his lips moving the slightest amount. Jay swallowed the lump in his throat again, then moved his own lips shyly. He wasn't sure exactly what to do about this. Finally, Tim pulled back, opening his eyes and meeting Jay's stare.

“Thanks,” Tim whispered, “for, you know...”

“Actually, I don't,” Jay said quickly, narrowing his eyes again.

Tim sighed heavily and rested his forehead against Jay's. “I guess for not leaving me here like others would have.” He paused. “Like Alex would have.”

“You had a ride,” Jay said, watching Tim intently. “That guy...”

“I was hoping you'd be here.”


Tim grinned.

Jay's heart was thudding away in his throat, making him swallow yet again to try to stop it. Tim was still leaning against his forehead, and this closeness was slowly becoming uncomfortable. The guy in front of him was so confusing. However, all of this led Jay to make yet another stupid decision.

He reached out and grabbed the back of Tim's neck, tilting his head and moving forward to kiss him. Tim didn't object; he wrapped his arms around Jay's shoulders and held him there, moving his lips as Jay kissed him. Jay kissed him with everything he could muster, sweeping his tongue along the crease of Tim's lips until they parted and his tongue slipped inside. He flicked his tongue along the insides of the man's mouth, mapping out every nook and cranny, letting out a slight moan.

One of Tim's hands moved down, grabbing the back of Jay's thigh and tugging him a little closer. Jay oblidged, finding himself stradling his hips, nearly sitting in Tim's lap. He didn't, though, because he was still fully aware of his injured leg.

Soon, Jay decided that air was needed and he pulled back, finding a very satisfied looking Tim watching him.

“What was that?” Tim asked, his voice low and questioning.

“I don't know,” Jay admitted with a grin. Then, he frowned and backed off of Tim. “But, you're going to the hospital. And later, you're telling me what's going on.”

Tim frowned as Jay reached for his legs again and carefully slid them in to the car. He shut the door, then walked to the driver's side, quickly getting in and turning the key to ignite the car. It roared to life within the second; Jay pulled out of his parking spot and headed for the road. The whole ride there, Tim frowned at the dashboard.

Re: [2/2]

EEEEEEEEEE thank you! This is exactly the kind of fic I wanted (well, anything that wasn't non or dubcon really, but still THAT IS WHAT THIS IS)!
Made my morning ^_^

Re: [2/2]

(fic poster here)

No problem! I'm so glad you liked it! I had fun writing it. Makes me want to do more.

(Randomlurker here)


(fic poster who's too lazy to anon)

I think I will! Once I find another good one I want to fill. *nods*

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