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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

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I don't care what you do. Crack, h/c, gen, smut.

All that I require is somebody, preferably Slendy, saying:

"Come, Masky, to the Slender-mobile!"

Re: Prompt

I'd double that.
Let's see if I can write this, I just have an idea for a gay crack fanfic...

Re: Prompt

The night was starting gaily. Masky had attacked Jay, wanting to gay him up, but the damn man had a dildo with him and gayed Masky up himself, which wasn’t fun at all. So, Masky was sitting on the sofa in the abandoned house, looking at the scraps of paper, scattered everywhere. “Paper, paper everywhere” he thought, and then a sharp pain stung his ass. That motherfucker Jay sure was hard with him… not that he didn’t like it in a wa-


He liked it soft and slow, but Jay was fast and hard, Masky thought for a bit that he most probably would need an ass-hospital or something, but alas, these things didn’t exist in his world. Then he suddenly felt a cold body press against his back as an almost demonic voice whispered his name, making shivers run down his back. He turned around to see the Operator, wearing silk red panties and his usual red tie, he could also see a random 20$ sticking out of the panties. Masky couldn’t help but try to mangiggle at this sight, which came out as a plain giggle; it didn’t make much difference anyway…

- Why are you dressed like that? – Masky asked, feeling himself getting horny slowly, but the pain in his ass reminded him that it wasn’t the right thing to do now.

- I’ve got a new job as a photo model – Slendy waved his overly long hand and then took 20$ - and they even paid me 20$. But now, when I’m back – Slendy’s voice changed drastically from happy to husky and he bent down to Masky. – And you know what I want now?

- Not now, sweetheart, I’ve been raped quite hard by this man named Jay and my ass is incapable of serving you – Masky uttered, making Slenderman a bit sad as the creature dropped its tentacles.

- Stand up, Masky; we’re going somewhere to help you! – Slenderman exclaimed and rushed to the exit. Masky stood up, holding his aching rear and slowly exited the building. His jaw dropped as soon as he saw a new polished black car with a slender-symbol painted on it. It indeed looked quite cool, especially with Slendy in this sexy outfit standing right next to it.

- How in the hell did you get this? And what is this? – Masky’s face turned red under his mask, this was just OMG SO SEXY.

- I’m a model now, remember? They pay pretty well for this! – Slendy laughed – and by the way, this baby is Slender-mobile, my new car.

Masky suddenly felt a bit jealous, what if Slendy would give more attention to the car? He wanted the attention as well! But it was simple ‘if’, Masky knew that Slendy was all his… and Alex’s… and Jay’s… this damn stalker had everyone.

- Come, Masky, to the Slender-mobile! – The Operator exclaimed proudly, opening the door of the car.

- Yay~ - Masky exclaimed gaily, jumping in the car and letting Slendy in. – So, are we going to some other world where they have special places to treat problems like this?

- No, I’ll just rape you in a new car because you can’t escape from here. – Slendy said in a demonic tone, letting his tentacles wrap around the masked man’s body. Masky made a sadface and was raped.

Sorry this is lame, I'm normally a serious writer but I got into crack this time...

Re: Prompt

OP Here

I really can't think of anything to say in response, but I did laugh. It was funny. Nice job. So random XD

Re: Prompt

I'm not good with random stuff and this was my first attempt to actually write crack.
I wanted to add more gayness, tho.

Re: Prompt

Just a bit of fanservice from the author

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