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Old school human courtship rituals

Slender Man doing the whole romantic flowers-and-chocolate bullshit to try to get to Tim... Bonus points if Slendy doesn't understand SHIT and ends up being a total creep.

Re: Old school human courtship rituals

This one sounds awesome! Totally doing it. Does this site do multiple fills too? If we have a plot bunny for another prompt and someone has already filled it, can we do it again?

Re: Old school human courtship rituals

Sure! Souds fun, people really need to post more anyway, I'm desperate fir a new story!

Re: Old school human courtship rituals

I am tots writing this. The ending might be a bit dark though. Other then that it's cute so far :)

Re: Old school human courtship rituals

OP here, and yes, that's perfectly okay! I trust in your fabulous writing talents!

Re: Old school human courtship rituals Part 1/2

[This is not very good :/ Also, one fic I read capitalized the Operator's pronouns, too, and I kind of like that idea.]

The Operator had singled out another one. Tim, he was called. The Operator knew he would soon lose that name and gain one of His choice, and a new appearance. A mask? He'd never done a mask before.

The moment he saw Tim working with Alex it was... something He couldn't describe. Something He'd known humans had, but believed Himself to be above. Upon seeing and following Tim, He knew he was below it, and was glad of it. He was almost distracted from his task with Alex. However, He realized He could use Tim. But for some reason, the Operator wanted it to be for love. Not because He needed a slave and Tim was available, but because Tim wanted to help Him. But the Operator had no idea how to do that.

After several weeks, or months, or minutes, the Operator could never get those pesky human time measurements, He decided He would do something to get Tim to notice Him and possibly fall in love. He rented several romantic movies and books, and after completing them all, started on His task.

He walked up in front of Tim's home with a boombox - He'd seen it in a movie before and apparently it caused humans to become affectionate. He'd chosen the CD carefully - He wanted something Tim would like that was also somewhat romantic. He'd listened to Tim's entire collection one night. There was one Throbbing Gristle song - Slug Bait - that struck Him as very romantic. So, He got the album on vinyl and stole Brian's record player and set it up. He hid behind a tree and waited.

Tim eventually woke up and stared out the window. "What the fuck...?" He muttered, then registered the song that was playing. "The hell?!" He shouted, even though he was sure nobody would hear him. He wanted to go outside and turn it off, but he was somewhat afraid to. He shut the window, closed the blinds, shoved a pillow over his head and tried to fall back asleep.

The Operator waited for a response. It looked like Tim did notice, but he seemed somewhat perturbed. He HAD heard some humans say that things from movies never worked in real life... He grabbed the record player, shut it off, and went to go try something else.

Tim woke up the next morning after getting even less sleep than he'd originally thought. "Fuckin' creep..." He threw on a pair of pants and went to go get the mail. The minute he opened his door he saw lace cacti. Lace cacti were scattered all over in a way that made it seem impossible to get from the door to the street without getting cactus needles in his foot. Sure, they were his favourite flower, but he hadn't really mentioned that to anybody. Ever. Nobody gave him flowers, the conversation had never came up, and if somebody were to give him flowers he'd say he wanted something like tulips, because tulips didn't have fucking needles. He was being stalked by a fucking mind reader.

Tim got out a broom to try and move the cacti. He'd have to get them out of the way. He cleared a path, and went to get the mail. Tim wondered if everything was just a coincidence, or a practical joke. Maybe Alex had decided to scare the shit out of him by leaving that song playing in the middle of the night. That seemed like something he'd do. Okay, it seemed nothing like anybody he knew would do. Dylan might have, but he was all the way in Canada. And the cacti were just... A cacti delivery truck dropped them by accident. Or, a guy was trying to propose to his girlfriend and got the wrong house.

None of the explanations made sense, but Tim kept to them. He whistled a cheery tune and turned around and-


Re: Old school human courtship rituals Part 2/2


There was a long awkward silence. The Operator looked at Tim. Tim looked at the Operator. The Operator looked at Tim. Tim looked at the Operator. The Operator looked at Tim. Tim looked at the Operator. The Operator looked at Tim. Tim looked at the Operator. The Operator looked at Tim.



"No shit, Sherlock." The Operator inwardly grinned. He'd mastered the art of what humans called sarcasm. All humans loved sarcasm.

"You don't have to be sarcastic. People don't fucking have tentacles."

Or not.

"What the hell are you doing in front of my mailbox?" Tim asked, holding a bill out as if it were a gun.

"I... I love you."

"FWHA - how are you talking?"

"You humans will never understand."

"You're not human?!"

"No. I am that which you may never comprehend. I am that which devours joy. I am that which can drive every mind to clarity and madness." The Operator paused. "So no."

"Right. Then - were you the one who did the music? And the flowers?" Tim backed up into the mailbox. He was fairly certain this... this tentacle-suit-faceless-thing was an Elder God. An Elder God had just admitted to being in love with him.

"Yes. I saw it in your human stories."

"Oh. Okay then." Tim exhaled. It was a little relieving - while the suit god was absolutely terrifying, there was less of a chance it was some creep. This thing had just misunderstood, and thought it was being romantic. The only thing left was chocolate. And then they'd go on a romantic dinner with candles and there'd be a hotel room and later on Tim would be wearing a white dress and - what the hell am I thinking? Those thoughts were somewhat disturbing to Tim. He giggled a little hysterically. "So you're not going to kill me or anything?"

"Do humans do that?"


"Then no."

"GOOD, good... so what, do we go see a movie together now or something? Or what?" Tim looked over... he didn't even know this fucker's name. "Who are you, anyway?"

"You may know me as the Operator."

"Right. Operator. I'm going to assume you're asking me out, or that you're going to."

"You said we would see a movie together."

"It was a joke. You really think the movies here are any good?"

"We could stalk people and drive them to the edge of madness, while slowly sucking their lives away."


There was no other way to put it. Tim was going on a date with an Elder God. A male Elder God. What is wrong with my life?

Re: Old school human courtship rituals Part 2/2

Op here... This is amazing... I love you

Re: Old school human courtship rituals Part 2/2

Thank you so much <3

I don't like the ending very much, to tell you the truth. Still, I'm happy you liked it!

Re: Old school human courtship rituals

The Operator watched carelessly from the shadows as Tim stepped out of his home. Even though he was quite tall he could
still slouch against a tree. He didn't understand it really... day after day the same thing : Tim would go out and do
normal human things and by night Masky would be more carefree then the Operator himself. If the Operator thought this was
so boring.. then why did he always comeback to watch? Tim walked down his driveway to the mailbox and suddenly hesitated,
the Operator tensed slightly as Tim glanced up... it was almost like... Tim could see him. Sure when he was in the mask
they had met a few times strictly on buisness... but the Operator was sure they were almost like two different people... weren't they? So why did it really matter if Tim saw him? Why indeed. Tim refocused his attention to the mailbox and pulled bills and such out. The Operator noticed something.. it was red rather than the bland white of the bills... what was it though... he had heard they were called... letters? Yes it was a letter, but now he wondered from who. Maybe Jay or Alex? This could be important he needed to get ahold of it. When Tim leaves for work that's when he'll go! Yes when he leaves.

Tim walked swiftly back inside and put the mail on the table, and pulled his jacket on and was off. The Operator watched
him go... why? he wasn't sure himself. The Operator focused on the house then ported in. He ended up on the top floor in
the bathroom at that. He turned to examine the entire bathroom and stopped at the mirror. He was so tempted to ask himself
who the sexy devil in the mirror was like Jeff did, but decided against it to avoid self embarrassment. He looked on the sink and picked up all the different objects, like soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush, etc, and then turned
towards the shower, There was more stuff in there. He examined the shampoo first... he was pretty sure it was for hair
right? Yea. Then a loofa.. "What the-" He had no idea what he was holding... was it some kind of weapon? It looked scary
enough..... He decided to take it as a keep sake. Anyways onwards he went to the hall and down the stairs to the kitchen
where the mail lay on the table. Out of curiosity he opened it up right there.

It was a love letter... from someone he didn't know. The operator knew this was something you did out of affection for
someone.. love even .. hence a ~love~ letter. It talked about how Tim was just the right height, perfect smile, nice
hair, it talked about how he was kind and gentle, and how he made whom ever wrote this letter feel happy just staring from
afar. The Operator stared from afar... and Tim was all those things described.. he'd just been to busy to ever notice. He
wasn't busy now. The Operator inwardly agreed with everything the letter said and sighed to himself. He wanted Tim.. all of Tim even Masky, and what he wanted he got... but over the years he learned if you use to much force the subject will never share the same feelings (90% of the time). He would need to do things the human way... and he heard chocolates and candy were a good way to start. (more to come only if you like >.<)

Re: Old school human courtship rituals

(part two and no im not done with this) After a few hours of taking boxes from random isles of candy stores he rearranged the chocolates to make his own sentences and left them on Tim's doorstep. The Operator melted back into the shadow of the tree he had been standing by earlier that day.. Tim should be home from work any minute now.. Wait.. what if he went to see the person who sent him the letter? That wouldn't do Operator decided he'd do that to, but after Tim saw the chocolates.

Tim arrived about an hour later than usual with bags in hand. "So he went to the store..." The Operator sighed out somewhat relieved. Tim took the bags inside first and set them down before coming back out and opening the chocolates (yes he's outside opening them no clue why but :P) Tim opened the first box and his eyes widened. He gasped slightly and let the box fall to the ground letting a few chocolates fall out. The Operator gasped slightly as well, he wasn't expecting to be rejected so easily.. everybody loves chocolate right? ... Tim stared at the partially messed up sentence made of chocolate that made up the sentence "Always watching" was this some kind of a joke? A prank maybe? Was he being stalked? Tim looked around franticly and his eyes settled on the operator again.. or did they? No . no it wasn't possible the operator is only seen to those he wishes to be seen. (first creep part :P)

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