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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

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Slendy fanservice.

Oneshot of Slendy being sexy. :I

Re: Slendy fanservice.

After a long night of watching tapes, Jay decided he would go to sleep. He went to sleep for about five minutes then got back up and put another tape in.

The sound buzzed and distort, and the image teared. Great, it was another one of those videos. His ears would be assaulted with random sounds, the screen would get fucked up, and he'd catch a glimpse of a mask or suit or something. Fucking wonderful.

Eventually the tearing stopped, but the video didn't. The ear-assault continued. Jay raised his eyebrows, leaning back against the air.

Then a photo came up.

It was of the thing he'd seen before - the tall thing, in the suit, with the tentacles. Its shirt and jacket were off (but not the tie). It was lying on the floor, and appeared to be holding the camera it was using above itself.

"What is this I don't even." Jay said, reaching for popcorn. Another photo came up. This one involved the thing handcuffed to a bed, with a blanket conveniently obscuring the Slenderjunk. It was sweating and appeared to be... twisting, or something. A third photo came up, with the Masked Man pressing his mask against the thing's... Jay didn't even want to think about it, the images he was seeing and the ones he were imagining were too much.

Well, at least there's no...

"Oh hell no."

The next one involved the Masked Man, the Operator, and fucking maid outfits. The image of a malevolent eldritch abomination that regularly tried to kill him in a maid outfit was one Jay had been trying to avoid ever since learning of Alex's doomed movie. It was at this point Jay noticed the Operator had tentacles. Jay correctly guessed the next one would have the Operator putting the tentacles to good use.

He was correct.

Jay decided to shut it off and go to bed. He was either hallucinating from lack of sleep, or the Operator and the Masked Man were just trolling him now.

He jumped out of bed and put the video back on. I have to do this. This could contain my key to stopping everything. He chewed popcorn in a quite determined fashion. And I'm aroused.

Re: Slendy fanservice.

Legit LOL, anon! Especially that last line. Also: "slenderjunk"?? *snerk*

Re: Slendy fanservice.

Thank you!

Yes, the slenderjunk is essential to Marble Hornets. So's the slendermobile. And the slendernipples. And the slendercredit card.


Ruin my childhood, why don't you?!

[I couldn't resist the reference. Thanks again!]

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