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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

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Entry 45.

Masky and Hoodie double-teaming Alex before being scared off.

Preferably with asphyxiation included. 'Cause... unf.

Now to scoot off and make fills.

Entry 45, Pt. 1

Fuck. Where the hell did he go?

Alex scanned the forest, waving his camera back and forth, but the hooded figure had disappeared. The only sounds he could hear were chirping insects, leaves crunching beneath his feet, and his own loud breathing. He couldn't see far by the camera’s dim light, and he was already a fair distance into the forest, far from any houses or people. But he wasn’t about to give up the chase. The man wearing a hoodie had been sneaking around outside of Alex’s house, and he was sure as heck going to find out why, and when he found him he’d -

There. Standing in a little clearing. Alex paused and stared for a moment, confused by the man’s change in demeanour. He was just standing there, arms hanging passively at his sides, looking in Alex’s direction in a rather eerie but non-threatening way. Alex zoomed in the camera, trying to get a closer look, or at least record a decent view of the mask he was wearing, when suddenly... There was the sound of leaves crunching loudly to his right, he felt the impact of someone’s body slamming into his own, and he hit the ground with said body on top of him. He must have hit his head pretty hard, because everything became rather confused after that. There was lots of movement around him, and he felt his arms being pulled roughly behind his back, and his wrists bound tightly with rope or something similar. He faded in and out of consciousness as he was pulled along the ground, one person holding him by the shoulders and another by the ankles.

When Alex next became fully aware of his surroundings, he was in a rather odd position. He was half-sitting, slumped with his back against the front of someone else sitting fully upright, presumably against a tree. The hooded figure was crouched in front of him, watching him intently, holding his camera. He couldn’t tell if it was recording, but the light was shining in his eyes and making the throbbing pain in his head even worse. He groaned and tried to get up, with the vague intention of shoving the hooded man out of the way and getting the hell out of this forest, but as he moved he became aware of something around his neck. That something (some kind of cord or rope) quickly became uncomfortably tight, and he was pulled back to his previous position.

Unfortunately, whoever was behind him didn’t stop there. The cord was pulled back and upwards further, making Alex gasp for breath as his oxygen supply was restricted. He desperately wanted to pull it away with his hands, but they were still tied tightly behind his back. Instead, he struggled, weakly but desperately, to pull himself up into a position where he could find some slack in the cord. He dug his heels into the dirt, managing to push himself up against the person he was sitting against, until he was almost sitting upright. Then he felt hands wrap around his ankles, and the hooded figure pulled Alex’s legs towards him and apart. The cord became alarmingly tight again as he was forced back into a slouched position, and he coughed and gasped and spluttered, struggling in vain. Without the use of his arms, he was essentially helpless.

Entry 45, Pt. 2

As if things couldn’t get more awkward and humiliating, he was actually beginning to get a hard-on. Through his confusion and panic, the sensations of being choked, tied up, and forced against someone else’s warm body, were making his own body excited in ways that would have mortified him had he been in a more rational state of mind. As things were, he barely noticed it... Until the hooded figure cupped Alex’s crotch with one hand, rubbing up and down in a firm massaging motion. Alex yelped loudly in surprise at the sudden onslaught of sensation, more than a little disturbed at this sudden turn of events. The hooded man, without stopping what he was doing, removed Alex’s shoes with his other hand. Alex struggled desperately to pull away, but the one behind him just pulled the cord a little tighter, and that just made the growing heat between his legs worse, while simultaneously making him more panicked as it became very difficult to breath. As soon as the shoes were off, Hoody slipped one hand into Alex’s pants and underwear to stroke at his growing erection, using the other hand to start pulling the pants off. The sound Alex made at that moment was something between a cry of shock, a growl of anger and frustration, and a moan of unexpected pleasure. The man behind him laughed quietly, but Alex’s ear was close enough to his mouth that he caught the rather distinctive sound of the man’s voice.

Him! Godfuckingdammit!

Well, this whole situation made a bit more sense now. A bit. At least when he and Jay had tied up Tim, though, they had been acting mainly in self-defense. If this was his idea of revenge... Tim was pretty fucking weird.

There wasn’t much time to contemplate the identity of his primary assailant, however, since Hoody had just managed to pull Alex’s pants and underwear completely off, and Tim took that moment to jerk Alex back further against him. Switching the cord to just one hand, Tim pulled Alex up until his head rested on Tim’s shoulder, and he wrapped his other arm tightly around Alex’s waist. The hooded one’s hand never stopped stroking Alex's erection, continuing to tease him into increased arousal, in spite of his fear and anger. Alex could feel the tips of the fingers of the man’s other hand circling the tip of his cock where, judging by the slippery feeling, drops of cum had started to leak out. That hand quickly left, though, and those fingers started poking into places where Alex definitely did not want them.

To make matters worse, from this position Alex’s lower back was pushed firmly against Tim’s crotch, and even though Tim’s pants he could feel something hard and warm pressing against him. Not to mention: every time he moved, he ended up rubbing up against him in a way that Tim clearly liked, if the sounds he was making were anything to judge by.

At this point, Alex snapped. He struggled as much as physically possible given how well he was restrained, trying desperately to kick at the hooded man, even with full knowledge that it was Tim that he needed to get away from. Tim responded to this by pulling the cord tighter and tighter, until Alex’s vision went dark and he passed out, his body going limp.

Entry 45, Pt. 3

When he regained consciousness, Alex gradually became aware that he had been moved into a new position. His legs were folded beneath him like he was kneeling, but he was leaning so far forward that he would have been flat on his face if his head weren’t cradles in someone’s hands. His own hands were still tied, and the cord was still around his neck, although it was just tied loosely, with no one holding it. He felt hands resting on his thighs, and realized that someone was behind him.

Alex tried to sit up, or at least raise his head, but the one in front of him (judging from the soft fabric he could feel against his forehead, Hoody) placed a hand firmly on the back of Alex’s head, pushing him back down. The small amount of movement that Alex managed, though, made him aware that his upper thighs were covered with a rapidly drying, sticky liquid. Apparently he had ejaculated at some point as he lost consciousness. Lovely.

Under different circumstances, Alex probably could have gotten himself out of this situation. But after being knocked unconscious twice, and with his body still trying to deal with the recent and prolonged oxygen restriction, he just didn’t have the strength left to put up a fight. Everything hurt and his head was pounding horribly, and he felt on the verge of passing out yet again. So when Hoody, with a finger on Alex’s chin and thumb pressed close to his lower lip, gently guided Alex so that his lips were pressed against the hooded man’s erection, he didn’t do much more than make a small noise of displeasure and refuse to open his mouth.

It was then that several things seemed to happen at once. The grip of Tim’s hands on his thighs suddenly tightened, and, with barely a moment to mentally prepare himself, Alex felt Tim push deep into his entrance. Alex gasped in shock and no small amount of pain, and before he knew what was happening, that hand at the back of his head had quickly pushed down so that Hoody’s cock nearly touched the back of his throat. Just as quickly, Hoody’s other hand slid down to Alex’s jaw, near the hinge. He pressed his fingers and thumb in uncomfortably, not only making it difficult and painful for Alex to close his mouth, but making it obvious that if he wanted to, he could make it hurt something awful. Alex got the hint; he wasn’t exactly in a position where biting down would do him any good anyway. Once he got over the initial shock, Alex limited himself to making (muffled) noises of protest, and trying in vain to wiggle away from Tim. It was a pointless struggle, especially now that Tim was nearly fully inside him, but his hatred for the two masked men wouldn’t allow him to give in entirely.

Re: Entry 45, Pt. 4 (End)

In Alex’s half-delirious state, the confusing mix of sensations soon meshed together, and there was little else he could do but simply ride it out. Thankfully, Tim hadn’t been so cruel to go in dry; his cock was slick with some kind of lubricant, and as he slid in and out roughly, hitting Alex’s pleasure spot over and over, Alex felt arousal building up inside him once again. Hoody was using the hand on the back of Alex’s head to force him up and down, his cock sliding across Alex’s tongue and the inside of his cheeks. He was moaning quietly, and his hips kept twitching upwards, like he was barely containing the urge to forcefully fuck Alex’s mouth. It wasn’t long before he wrapped his whole arm around Alex’s head, hugging him down tightly and breathing loudly. Alex choked as cum shot down his throat. After Hoody had pulled out of his mouth, Alex was left coughing and gasping for breath. With a content little sigh, Hoody pulled Alex’s head into his lap, and started running his fingers through his hair absently.

Meanwhile, Tim was fast approaching his own orgasm, judging by the increased force of his thrusts. He pulled Alex’s thighs towards him, driving in deeper each time, his quick panting breaths making a hissing sound as they hit the inside of his mask. The violent intrusion hurt, but the pain seemed to intensify the pleasure Alex was already experiencing. He was hard again, but neither of the masked men seemed interested in helping him out – with his hands still tied, he didn’t even have the option of taking care of it himself. With no hope of relief, the pressure built inside him until it was almost unbearable. When Tim finally came and pulled out, Alex could not stop himself from letting out the smallest whimper. When Tim chuckled, apparently at Alex’s discomfort, the feeling of pure loathing that shot through Alex was beyond words.

Less than a minute went by, with Tim panting and Hoody continuing to stroke Alex’s hair, when an ominous feeling filled the air. A dark presence seemed to surround them, and the masked men looked up simultaneously like startled birds. They froze for a second, then, fast as lightening, sped off into the forest.

And Alex was left alone, with the Operator. Dazed, painfully aroused, with hands still tied tightly behind his back, a cord around the neck, and wearing only a t-shirt.

The next time I see those two, I’ll kill them.


Hope you like it, Anon, and that it's sort of like what you had in mind.

Message to Tim, in the unlikely event that he ever reads this: The fact that both you and your character have the same name made this pretty awkward to write. Thought you should know.

Re: Entry 45, Pt. 4 (End)

not!OP thanks you. vigorously.

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