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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

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Those of you who go to Tim's LPs know that Tim has issued a proclamation that if someone links him to dirty porn of "him and Brian" he will make Brian read it aloud. He can actually be quoted as having said he wants Brian to not be able to look him in the face as a result of this fic.

Anon, make it happen. Tim/Brian. Dirtykinkywrong. I think Brian talking dirty would make this optimally uncomfortable. Go.

Someone PLEASE DO IT so I get to hear/see the results!



Ever since Alex had started that running gag where he walked up to Brian and jiggled his stomache while making random squish noises, Brian has been obsessed with keeping a healthy weight. For one, his favorite thing to eat now was water and a protein bar. His rock climbing was all he ever talked about, and he couldn't even watch TV like normal anymore.

Tim would be able to testify to that. His attention from G4 was disrupted as he seen Brian move to the floor and randomly begin doing sit-ups as he watched the screen. Tim raised an eyebrow a moment before taking a sip of his water. He took anothe rmoment before speaking up,"Hey Brian, do push-ups. They're better for you."

Brian blinked and looked at Tim,"Oh. Really?" He looked at the floor and immediatly switched to those, listening to what Tim said immediatly. Honestly, Tim had no idea if that was true, but it was fairly funny that he was so willing to listen to whatever he said in order to be healthier.


Tim sat back and a smirk appeared on his face as he sipped at his water bottle, casually glancing between Brian and the television as Brian moved quickly up and down, looking determinedly at the floor.

Tim stood up, slinking over to his friend and sitting on his back, still absently drinking his water as Brian's arms tried to push him up with Tim's added weight. Tim was still smirking as he said teasingly,"Show me your sexy muscles, Brian." he winked, grinning now.

Re: [2/?]

"Tch.", Brian made a noise as if disregarding Tim entirely, yet heat rose to his face causing a blush there as his arms embarrasingly shook a little under the pressure. He wasn't about to let Tim's trolling get to him! He keeps doing his push-ups as planned.

Tim wasn't about to give up yet, either. "God, you're so hot." He's grinning now as he runs a finger down the back of brian's neck teasingly. He wanted to see how easily he could be distracted by him. Brian makes another noise, and his face reddens a bit. Tim sees him bite his lip as if to suppress any noise. "heh."


As a matter of fact, tim's face is pretty red as well. Thank god nobody else was in the house now. He leans down and kisses Brian's neck a couple times and licked him once, quickly.

"nngh~" brian accidentally lets out something akin to a sigh. He flops to the floor,"Tim-!"

Tim chuckled at the result,"what is it... sexy?",he winked. As long as he has you here... he licks brian's neck teasingly again. "mmmh~"

brian pante on teh floor, biting his lip again.

It's not quite what anon here asked for, but I did find one on deviantArt. Judging by the submission date, I think it was done for the same reason this anon is asking for it. I don't have the guts to send it to Tim or anything and I don't know if anyone else has....

I send him the links to the Tim/Brian fics.

You're welcome.

Out of interest, did you ever hear anything from Tim?

He is going to record Brian reading any of the stories, we just don't know when it will be out.

Did he ever do it?

Actually if you want someone to not be able to look you in the face afterward, I think scat is probably the way to go. I'm just saying.

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