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Brian/Tim, post #52 domestic fluff/comfort

Going along with the assumption that Brian is Hoodie, of course.

Tim seems to be leading a fairly normal life at the moment if #52 is anything to go by, and I just really love the idea of him and Brian living together, being all sweet and domestic and stuff.

Of course, they still have issues. Slender-PTSD and all that. Maybe one of them has a breakdown and the other comforts them.

Smut is not necessary at all! I think we all just need some fluff.

Re: Brian/Tim, post #52 domestic fluff/comfort

I have written a lot of Tim/Brian normal stuff I will write this one too I love Tim/Brian to pieces.

Hope Towards the Future [1/?]

Tim was having a good day so far; he had finished the grocery lists and still had enough for some cigarettes and some surprise snack items for Brian. He walked in the store quickly buying the things he wanted before going outside grocery bag hanging on his right arm before he stopped, fishing through it with his left hand and pulling out his new pack of cigarettes. He couldn’t remember the last time he had smoked; all he knew is it felt like a life time not that it matter anymore anyways now that he held the pack in his hand taking one of the cigarettes out, he cupped his hand in front of the lighters flame, putting the small flame on the tip of the cigarette and lighting it happily. He took a long drag of it, instantly calming down before he walked down the side walk towards home, no knowledge that a certain young man was following him home.
“Hey I’m home!” Tim said as he opened the door of him and Brian’s home smiling a little at the happy welcome home that Brian replied back to him sounding as cheery as ever. Brian walked out of the living room before eyeing the bag dangling from Tim’s arm before looking at him curiously.
“What did you get?” he asked curiously. Tim walked over to the kitchen without replying making Brian follow him almost like a puppy curious about what their master was doing before Tim set the bag down, grabbing out a bag of Doritos and waving them in front of Brian’s face causing the young man to grin and grab them eagerly. “Sweet more snacks!” He opened them happily before taking a couple out and eating them happily before grabbing one with his thumb and index finger and holding it to Tim’s lips smiling lovingly as Tim ate the chip and hugged onto Brian once.
Things had gotten a lot better for them the year; Jay hadn’t really been running around like he had been for 7 months and instead just reviewing the tapes. Every now and then Tim would have to post a video but it was only once in a while it would mostly be forgotten until a new video was posted and Tim got a notification from YouTube about it. But Tim’s leg had healed up well enough his limp was barely visible anymore and his old shot wound he had on his side from Alex was healing up just a scar now.
They had almost completely retired from the totheark business, their masks were in a box up in the attic in case almost completely forgotten now and most likely collecting dust not that they minded much at this point. They were together and that was all that mattered. Brian and Tim had both gotten jobs in this town trying to get on their feet once again; they had gotten a home together and even were sharing a room together. Guess that was the one good thing about this whole thing- it had brought them together, made them even more than just good friends.
As the night went on Tim found himself playing Amnesia yelling as he got into the game just like all he used to, but lightening up when Brian laughed at him getting mad at something that wasn’t even real, he always did find it cute how frustrated he got at games. The laughing from Brian made Tim lighten up and soon Tim was laughing and enjoying the game with Brian, laughing at the jokes that Brian made about the monsters that roamed the corridors he was walking through.
Brian smiled a little kissing Tim’s shoulder lovingly a couple times before resting his head on him, still watching him play the game before hugging an arm around him. He stayed like that for a few minutes before raising his head and kissing his cheek lovingly. “I love you.” Brian muttered softly in Tim’s ear before nuzzling him and going back to resting his head on Tim’s shoulder.

Re: Hope Towards the Future [2/3]

Tim paused the game, staring at the screen a second before looking down at his boyfriend, and cracking a little smile in his direction. “I love you too.” He stated lovingly moving his arm to hug around him and give him a small squeeze causing Brian to smile at him contently before moving his head up and kissing Tim’s lips ever so softly. If only they could stay this way forever but that was something they both knew in the back of their minds they couldn’t do.
A few weeks later Tim had gotten a notification Jay had posted entry #52, of course he proceeded to watch it in case he felt the need to make yet another puzzle for Jay and the watchers to lead them on the right directions as Brian was horsing around in the living room watching South Park. Tim paused the movie a moment when he heard Brian laugh before playing it once again this time trying to pay attention even more to the film so his temptation to go into the living room and hug on Brian wouldn’t over power his need to watch the latest entry. Then he saw it- the last couple seconds of the entry was of him.
His fantasy of no longer running around risking his life for some kid he knew in college was crashing down on all sides; fear for not only himself but for the man in the room near him was welling up inside Tim causing him to shake a little. Sure it was only a few seconds of film but the damage was done- Operator knew where they were most likely now because of the stupid move on Jay’s part and now Brian and he had to get back in this twisted game and lose everything. Their home, their belongings, jobs, possibly their lives, and relationship would be lost because of this and Tim felt disappointment as well as total hate for Jay.
As soon as the show finished in the living room Brian thought he heard crying, he got up quickly concerned that something bad had happened to Tim. He walked into the room and his heart felt like it was breaking; Tim was leaning in the swivel chair crying his eyes out in front of him. Brian had never seen this before and he felt like he himself was going to cry just by the sad sight taking place in front of him. “T-Tim what’s…what’s wrong?” Brian asked quickly going to his side and brushing a gentle hand through his hair trying to calm him down a little before Tim looked up at him with teary eyes.
He opened his mouth to say something but he couldn’t, his mouth couldn’t form words he was just so upset at the moment. He had thought he lost Brian once before he didn’t want to imagine possibly losing him a second time and now because of Jay loosing Brian was a possibility. Brian wrapped his arms around Tim trying to calm him down; Tim instantly hugged back hiding his face in Brian’s shirt, mentally cursing himself for letting his tough guy act go. He was ashamed to cry yet he knew he had a good reason for it so he shakily let go and turned the chair around.
“J-just watch.” Tim managed to say and played the last bit of the entry and once the entry finished he looked at Brian, his eyes looking in Brian’s trying to see what he was thinking and instantly Tim knew he was thinking the same he was. Brian hugged onto Tim again before getting up and heading up to the attic grabbing the box that had been gathering dust for a year, taking it down before walking back into the room Tim was in, gently handing him his old dusty mask.
Tim stared down at the mask a second before new tears filled his eyes; oh how he no longer wanted to do this, he just wanted to be with Brian, living a normal life in an even more normal town. Why did Jay have to do this now while he and Brian where happy? It just wasn’t fair yet there the entry was staring him right in the face as if taunting him, asking him: Did you really think your part was over?

Re: Hope Towards the Future [3/3]

Tim looked up at Brian as he put his old hoodie on, grabbing his nice black mask a moment before setting it down on the computer desk, hugging Tim close once again. “No matter what, this won’t change anything between us alright?” Brian stated sounding more in charge than ever, it gave Tim hope that possibly later in this game they could get out of this alive together and start a new normal life once again. Oh how he hoped this wasn’t just some false hope he was now latching onto.
Tim nodded a second before looking down at the mask in his hands; he wiped the dust off it carefully before slipping it on, watching as Brian did the same with his own. Once they slipped the masks on their old life slipped away once more.

Re: Hope Towards the Future [3/3]

Brian hugged him close to him before looking into his eyes silently. "No matter what,this won't ruin our relationship." Brian said before kissing Tim's lips softly before looking him in the eyes.Tim clung onto that little bit of hope he had from what Brian had just said hoping more then anything that it wasn't false hope.
Brian let him go before slowly putting his old dusty jacket on before putting the mask over his face. Tim looked down at the dust mask of his own before wiping the dust from it before putting it on hoping that one day everything would once again go back to normal.

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