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After Jay sees the tape of Masky in his room at night, he wonders what the stranger's intentions are. This happens before Masky is revealed to be Tim.

Sexy times with fellatio and the mask stays on.

Re: Jay/Masky

Title: Sweet Dreams...

Part 1

Jay had trouble sleeping most nights because of the fear. He now knew what it was like for Alex, who was terrorized by the strange tall figure, but did Alex also have a masked stalker? After the masked man had shown up in so many of Jay’s tapes, he became paranoid, wondering if he would wake up in the middle of the night to find those dark eyes staring at him from behind the cheap plastic mask.

He tried to push away all of his thoughts into some dark corner of his mind, but they refused to leave him alone. He was exhausted, lacking sleep from reviewing the tapes late into the night, and his mind wouldn’t cooperate with him. Why was this guy stalking him? His thoughts ran over every crazy possibility. Was he somehow involved with Alex and the slender man? Probably. But was he trying to help him or hurt him?

If the masked man intended to hurt him, Jay thought, he would have already. He had plenty of opportunities to do so. But if he didn’t want to hurt him, then what did he want? The only thing he ever did in the tapes was stand over Jay, or sit next to him, as if he was watching him. Why was he so interested in him? What was going through his mind? He was aware of the camera; Jay knew that because he had peered directly into the lens on more than one occasion.

Jay gazed up at the ceiling, trying to come up with some sort of reason why the masked man kept visiting him. Exhaustion eventually came over him, and he rolled over, pulling the covers up around him, and gave in to sleep…

The masked figure crouched on the end of the bed, hovering over Jay. Jay knew he was there, but he feigned sleep, waiting for something to happen. After some time, he reached out, pulling back the covers to get a better view of Jay’s face.

Jay suddenly sat up, grabbing the intruder by the wrist. The masked man pulled away, and panic flashed in his eyes. “What do you want?” Jay demanded. The masked figure had been caught. He grasped the collar of Jay’s shirt, pulling him closer. The look in his eyes seemed to be a mixture of anger, along with something else Jay couldn’t recognize. “Look, I know you’ve been stalking me,” Jay told him nervously. “I just want to know what you want.”

The masked man released his hold on Jay’s shirt but held his gaze. A muffled voice replied, “What do you want?”

“What do you mean?” A slight sweat broke out on his forehead. What does he mean by that? Is this some sort of game?

The eyes still looked at him intently. “Why do you think I’m here?” the figure asked.

“I don’t know,” Jay replied. “I don’t want to play games. Just tell me why you’re here.”

“What do you want?” the man repeated. “What do you really want right now?”

The voice had a rough tone to it, husky and slightly menacing. Jay felt a strange twinge of longing. “I…” He reached out and touched the stranger’s mask.

The man flinched away. “The mask stays on,” he growled. Jay nodded silently. He traced his fingers down the side of the mask, and he saw the dark eyes behind it shine with the same wanting that was growing inside him.

Jay wound his fingers in the man’s hair and pulled their faces together, his lips meeting painted ones. It was odd, kissing an unmoving plastic face, but he somehow knew that the man behind it was returning the kiss.

The masked man moved to kneel over him, legs on either side of his waist, and Jay felt himself swelling. He pressed his hips up against the body above him, and Jay could tell he had the same reaction. Large hands moved over his body, gently caressing at first, but Jay moved his kisses down the side of the mask and to the man’s neck.

A moan came from behind the mask, and Jay took this as a sign of approval. He continued kissing the man’s neck, gliding his tongue over skin, tasting salty traces of sweat. The man let out another groan, and Jay felt both their erections grow through their jeans.

Re: Jay/Masky

Part 2

The man began removing Jay’s shirt, fingers tracing over his abdomen, up his chest, and flicking over a nipple. There was the sharp sound of Jay breathing in quickly, and his cock strained against his pants. The masked man took off his shirt, revealing a patch of dark hairs. Jay’s fingertips danced across the man’s body, tracing swirls in his chest hair and following the trail lower.

Jay slowly unbuttoned the man’s jeans, and dark eyes watched him intently, gleaming with lust. He reached into the masked man’s boxers, grasping his cock. The man’s breathing quickened as Jay stroked the length of his shaft, teasing him by occasionally brushing the tip with his thumb.

Just as the man’s moans were getting louder, Jay stopped, getting out of bed and shedding his own pants, dropping them to the floor. He motioned for the masked man to lie down and then kneeled between his legs. He kissed the mask’s lips once more before moving to his chest, lips brushing a nipple. His tongue darted out, eliciting another groan from the masked man.

Jay switched to the other nipple and reached down to continue stroking the man’s cock. The man groaned, and Jay moved his mouth lower, his warm breath brushing the man’s skin. He used both hands, one on the man’s member and the other cradling his balls. Starting at the base, he slowly licked up the length of the man’s cock, tongue flicking at the underside of the head. He could taste the pre-come, and the masked man tangled his hand in Jay’s hair.

Jay took the swollen cock into his mouth, gently sliding downward. He wanted to taste every inch of the smooth flesh, and as the man moaned, so did he. The man pressed his hand down on Jay’s head, urging him to go faster. Jay sped up, taking the cock as far down as he could. He swirled his tongue around the tip, and the man grunted, breathing hard now. Moans muffled by the mask filled the air, and Jay knew the man was close to the edge. He moved even faster, bobbing his head up and down, and the hand in his hair gripped tighter. Jay heard the man gasp and shout out, and he felt warm, thick fluid spurt into his mouth. He swallowed, licking his lips, and looked at the man on the bed below him. Dark eyes met his, radiating pleasure.

Jay’s own member was aching at this point, and the masked man reached down, wrapping a large hand around it. Jay put his hand over the man’s, guiding it along his own length. The man’s other hand drifted up to one of Jay’s nipples, tweaking it. Jay moaned aloud, and the masked man stroked faster. Jay felt the pressure building as the hand’s touch grew rougher. As he groaned, he saw the desire in the masked man’s eyes, and it drove him farther toward the edge.

Jay felt the warmth spread up his spine, the pressure growing nearly unbearable, until, with one jerk of the man’s hand, he came, moaning and trying to catch his breath. Come spurted onto the man’s chest and mask, and Jay shook with pleasure, collapsing onto the bed next to him.

Eventually, their breath slowed and their heartbeats calmed, and Jay drifted off to sleep. “Sweet dreams…” he heard the masked man whisper.

Jay awoke the next morning to find himself alone. The sheets were crusted with evidence of the night’s encounter with the masked man… or was it just his own come on the fabric? Did he dream the whole thing?

Jay sighed, standing up and stretching. Suddenly, he froze. The camera he set up was still there, recording. Looking at the footage would reveal the truth about last night…

The tape showed the masked man entering his room and watching him, but it suddenly cut to static, and the rest was completely distorted.

Re: Jay/Masky

This was really good, thanks for writing it!

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