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Alex/Jay fluff

Based on this ( cute pic of the boys (entirely work safe).

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Re: wut?

it worked for me, but here, anon.



Re: Alex/Jay fluff

Going to try my hand at this one. Not promising anything. xD

Re: Alex/Jay fluff Part 1 of ?

Author Note: I apologize. How does formatting?

“Friends laugh together. Friends do things together.”

“What's wrong with you?”

Alex glanced up at him. With just one slightly raised eyebrow Alex could communicate volumes to anyone willing to read past his mild personality – and it wasn't so much that Jay was willing as it was that years of being Alex's friend had kind of made it part of his skill set. He'd have to put it on his resume. Strengths: Can cook a mean vegetarian lasagna and make Alex Kralie laugh until he cries. Jay was already rolling his eyes before Alex was even halfway done responding.

“I don't know, you stumped me. What's wrong with me?”

Jay made the 'You think you're so clever, but I've got you pegged' face , which he had picked up from Alex's mother and purposely cultivated for moments just like this, when Alex was being a little too quiet and moody for his own good.

Jay's usual remedy then involved pelting Alex with rubber bands, but the swivel chair, though equipped with wheels, was easily foiled by carpet, and the rubber bands were on a desk out of arm's reach. Instead, Jay scrunched up his face in concentration, staring Alex down. After a few seconds Alex's other eyebrow joined the first and that wide, sly grin pulled up the corners of his mouth, brightened his eyes and put wrinkles on his forehead.

“What, are you seriously throwing mental rubber bands at me right now?”


“You know those are, by their very nature, completely ineffective?”

“Come on, you gotta let a man have hope.”

“'The miserable' – or miserably stupid, in your case - 'have no other medicine but hope.'”

Jay swiveled in his chair one way, then back around again until he could look at Alex with his head tipped over the back of the chair.

“I cannot believe you just quoted Neitzsche with a straight face. Like, why are we friends?”

Alex was successfully distracted from whatever he had been gloomily staring at out the window for the last 15 minutes, and Jay didn't push the question.

This was why they were friends.

Re: Alex/Jay fluff Part 2 of 2

“Hey, Alex.”


“Alex, hello? I don't know if you've heard the expression, but reviewing this script of yours is a two way street, and right now you're about as helpful as a brick wall. A brick wall going right across the two way street, Alex.”

When none of this managed to garner a response, Jay took it upon himself to stand up from his chair and whap Alex on the top of the head with the rolled up sheets of paper he had been combing through with a red pen all evening. Alex called it a script. Jay called it an exercise in navel gazing gone horribly wrong.

But they were friends, and if Alex was really as gungho about this as he had seemed on the ride home from college last week, then Jay was willing to humor him. After all, their entire relationship was built on the fact that they had a lot more in common than not, and they had learned to look on areas of divergent eccentricity with fond tolerance. Areas of vehement disagreement were still open to verbal fisticuffs, though, and occasionally verbal pistols at dawn, but Jay couldn't remember the last time they'd actually fought.

Which was why it was such a surprise when Alex grabbed the script out of Jay's hand and stood up from the couch like he honestly meant to jam it down his throat. Jay had never seen Alex's face look like that before. Apparently he could pull off 'cold fury' like nobody's business. Jay immediately took a step back with his hands up in the universal 'get a grip on yourself, dude, I'm unarmed' gesture.

“Hey, I was just, you know, messing around. What the hell is your problem?”

Alex dropped back down onto the couch. He looked awful, Jay was only now noticing, with dark bags under his eyes and uneven stubble on his chin.

“Hey, did something happen with-”

“No, no, it's nothing.”

Jay was relieved. He had no idea what the end of that question would have been.

Alex handed the papers back without looking at him, and Jay returned to his seat at the computer desk without saying anything. A few awkward seconds later, Alex dragged the second swivel chair over from the other side of the room and sat down next to him. When he rested his head on Jay's shoulder, Jay slumped back in the chair to make it easier on his neck. Neither of them said anything. Jay found himself worrying about how bony his shoulder was and whether it really made a good pillow. He found himself trying to mentally will his shoulder to be softer, then gave up when it hit him how ridiculous a thing that was to do. Alex seemed pretty comfortable where he was, anyway.

“So, your heartfelt apology is completely accepted.”

Alex's eyes were closed, but the corner of his mouth quirked up in response. Some of the tension in his shoulders and forehead bled away.

“Good. I meant every word.”

Re: Alex/Jay fluff Part 2 of 2

Oh Alex, why won't you just tell Jay what's going on? *shakes head*. I really liked this, Anon. It was interesting to see Alex's first Slendy-influenced anger outburst and Jay's surprise at it. I sometimes forget that Alex, until his encounter with the Operator, was a pretty normal, mild-mannered guy.

Anyway, this was lovely, especially that last image. Just the right balance of fluffiness and Marble-Hornets style background menace. Thanks so much!

Re: Alex/Jay fluff Part 2 of 2

I agree with your sentiments entirely. Silly Alex. Jay would obviously do anything he could to help you.

I'm glad you liked the story, though! I enjoyed writing it. It's nice to be able to remember that, before all the insane paranormal nonsense and horrible violence, these guys were just bros once.

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