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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

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Entry 35 ( : Alex wants Masky tied up for other reasons. J's reaction is author's choice.

Deluge [1/2]

"The knife!" Alex shouted.

I stepped back, incredulous. I honestly hadn't been expecting to find anything at the house again. Went out of frustration and boredom, afraid to max out my credit card on another hotel or a cheeseburger from a local eatery. But when I went...

I found Alex. Or he found me.

I found Tim... Jesus Christ, how could the guy in the mask be Tim? It seemed like totheark might have hinted at it. And now they were on top of each other, Tim groaning underneath Alex's weight, cord stretched tight around his throat and mask stained with droplets of sweat that shone in the sunlight. It was unbelievable. It was insa--

"Give me the knife!" Alex snarled. Tim bucked against him, struggling.

I hesitated, making sure the camera was focused on them. Looked down where blood glinted crimson and wet on the blade. "No..." I started but Alex shoved Tim down and approached me.

"He's not going to follow us, Jay." Alex grabbed my wrist. The camera jerked. "Turn off the camera."

"No--" I said again but Alex thrust my hand down. The camera fell to the debris-laded floor with a crack. We all stared at it, Tim's eyes bulging, Alex's mouth forming a perfect O, and my hands shaking at the rough texture of Alex's on mine.

"Shit!" Tim gasped. "He's coming for you now, he's coming for us now, he's coming, he's coming--"

"Who?" I asked, dumbly.

Alex shook his head in disgust. Bent low to grab the knife.

Tim was on the floor, used his legs to back against the wall like a spider. He looked haunted, sideburns bushy and unkept and eyes glowing bright. The cord still dangled from around his throat.

"I'll follow you everywhere, Alex Kralie." Tim spat. "And I'll follow him--" He jerked his head to me. "--too."

"Why?" I asked.

Alex flailed. "Who gives a shit, Jay? Tie him up again." He looked at me, glasses gleaming as sharp as the weapon in his hand. "Now."

I obeyed. Tim tried to resist as I stretched the cord over his chest, binding his arms. Sank his teeth into the soft flesh of my wrist.

The sound that escaped my mouth wasn't a gasp or a groan, wasn't any sort of cry of pain. It had been so long since I was able to interact with anyone. I guess the long nights had taken their toll because when I reacted, I moaned.

The atmosphere changed then. Tim's eyes widened even further and Alex smirked.

"I thought it was something like that." Alex said. "Here." He handed the knife to me. "I'll make sure he's not able to move."

I watched with a detached sense of purpose, holding the knife just above Tim as Alex checked the bonds. Blood rushed from my head. I didn't know what was going to happen next. But the strange thing was I was more than a little excited at the prospect of standing over these two with a blade, these two "friends" of mine who seemed to be at the center of all this madness. It was almost as if I wanted to see them pay for luring me here. Almost.

Alex made one adjustment, looping the cord again around Tim's throat. Slammed him on the floor once more. His expression was needy.

“...Should we go now?” The knife was dripping. I stared at Alex’s arm where Tim must have stabbed him. The sanest thing to do would be to clean it. But I had a feeling that wouldn’t be happening.

Re: Deluge [1/2]


“No.” Alex pried it from my fingers and crouched next to Tim’s face. “Tell us what you know.” His breath must have been warm and sour, Tim wincing as Alex spoke.

“I don’t--” He started but Alex drew the blade down his cheek, a smear of blood trailing his face. Stuck the knife into Tim’s mouth. I thought maybe he’d spit it out. Yet Tim just held it there, eyes fluttering.

Tim whispered, words thick. “Tastes...good...”

“You like the taste?” Alex forced the knife out and brought it down on Tim’s shoulder. Tim moaned as I had, completely inappropriate. Everything had changed again. I could smell sweat and tension in the air.

Alex put his knee on Tim’s back and grabbed the leg of my jeans. Forced me down with them. When I was kneeling, Alex shoved my jeans down. I guess I’d been losing weight because all of the sudden, I felt sunlight on the back of my boxers.

I was hard, embarrassingly painfully hard in this position. Alex grabbed me, tugging on me like the cord, and thrust my cock into Tim’s face.

“Taste this.”

I breathed. “What are you--”

Alex grabbed the knife to steady himself in a smooth motion with his free hand. His eyes were crazed. I wanted to go, wanted to stop this, but it was too late. Alex’s touch was like fire and it just made me want to go along with whatever he had planned. He brushed the tip of my cock against Tim’s lips.

Tim looked up at me, pleading. Wrapped his mouth around me. It was bizarre, it was wrong but it felt so good in that instant. Wet sounds mingled with my grunts, Alex’s hand moving in time with Tim’s mouth. I felt something building inside me, all the fear and tension and lost time vanishing with my wanton screams.

“I’m gonna--” I choked out and spilled messily on Tim’s face. The wave was too much. I collapsed from my awkward position. Glanced back at Tim, face covered sticky, and Alex, grinning like a madman, in between my legs.

Alex leaned over and murmured into Tim’s ear.

“We’re not done with you, yet.”

Re: Deluge [1/2]

OP here. This is excellent!! I'm curious with where you ended it if there's going to be more or not, but I'm happy with it either way. Thanks so much!

Re: Deluge [1/2]

UNF <3 Thank you so much, anon!

I am not the requester, but this was so so perfect that I had to comment.

Re: Deluge [1/2]

This was awesome! I liked how Alex kinda just stood there and gave orders!

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