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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

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MH Quote from TV Tropes for your inspiration...

Q: Where does Jay get the money for all these motels and gas?
A: Prostitution

And, go!

Small fill; Brief Reprieve [1/1]

Sorry for my poor English and this not being very long, I'm sort of new to writing fanfic. I hope this is okay.


Jay shuts his eyes and tries to give himself over to the feeling.

No more monsters or masked men or angry Alex. No more yelling or running or hiding. Just a warm body pressed up against his, hard cock inside him. It's escapism in it's purest form. It's useful. It's logical. And it feels so good to be pressed back onto the cheap bed and bent over, feel firm arms supporting his legs. The angle is just right so he can turn his head, shut his eyes and block out everything. No light. No fear. Just the sensation of being pounded.

He's learned to really enjoy his new side profession. The first time was degrading and he threw up afterward. The second time was with a gentler man, with gray eyes like charcoal who took his time and made the whole concept more appealing. Then there was the nervous guy, younger than Jay, with those glasses just Alex. And Jay learned confidence. After that it became easier, turned into a blur of men and motions and hotel rooms.

This one is blonde, platinum blonde with dark green eyes. Expensive suit. He smells like suede and wine and his mouth is filthy, rolling through foreign cuss words as he fucks Jay without lube. He was polite enough requesting it originally, promised extra money (double if I make you bleed, I'm sorry) but now he's rough and hard and reaches down to jerk Jay off abruptly, harsh motions that make the boy moan.

It took a while for him to learn to let go and moan without feeling ashamed. But he only ever stays a night or two anyway. He doesn't care what hotel staff thinks of him anymore. He's filled up and on that perfect edge between pleasure and pain, coated in sweat, in nothing but a T-shirt. His client is gorgeous and he's done too soon, gasping into Jay's ear, jerking him off a moment later and leaving him filled and warm in the afterglow on them bed.

"It's too bad you're just passing through," the man says, placing a generous tip on the bedside table. "You're wonderful. You don't tune out like some of the others do."

Jay's still trying to catch his breath, but he smiles anyway. "Um, thanks."

"You're sure you don't want to stay a bit at my place? I could make it worth a while. You'd get out of the hotels for a bit."

A shadow flickers at the window. Jay's eyes widen in the fear. The man doesn't miss it, and he frowns when Jay says, "N-no, it's better this way."

"You would be safe, darling," he murmurs, leaning over and kissing him on the forehead. "I know people."

Reality crashes in around Jay. He flinches and pulls his legs to his chest, wrapping his arms around his knees. "Just go."


"Please. Just go."

He shuts his eyes and manages to wait until the man should be at the elevator to begin crying.

Re: Small fill; Brief Reprieve [1/1]

I can't even figure out why you apologized; I would never have guessed that you don't write fic and your english is fine.

This writing is exquisite. Thank you for doing this fill. :)

Re: Small fill; Brief Reprieve [1/1]

Oh wow. Um. *is speechless*. That was pretty much exactly what I was envisaging. Kinda hot and kinda sad all at once. Poor Jay.

Please don't apologise - your English is fine. I thought it was unlikely I'd get a fill for this prompt, so thanks so much for writing this! :)

Re: Small fill; Brief Reprieve [1/1]

Ah, thank you. Sorry for the late reply, but I'm happy my writing was what you wanted. I feel bad that there's so few fills here, so even if it wasn't very long, I hope it was better than nothing.

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