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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

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Since the fandom now created this crack pairing, I want to see fics of it, let it be funny, fluffy or just plain porn.

Because of a little doll. [1/2]

Here he was again.

Back flat against the motel room's bed as he slowly began to rub his palm against the front of his jeans, his hand slowly teasing himself awake.

Jay stared at the white doll in his hand, his eyes already half-masted and his breath heavy.

Oh, the fear that tingled through him, mixed with the pleasure from his hand made his heart beat faster, and all of his senses awaken at once.

"Ohh..." He let a noise slip out of his mouth before biting his lip to keep his mouth shut. "Mh."

He slowly unzipped himself, his eyes closing and his other hand bringing the small doll to his chest as if hugging it close as he slipped his hands into his own pants, letting his half-erect cock out so he could rub his thumb across the tip.

Jay resisted making any more noise as he kissed the small doll in his hand and wrapped his hand around himself.

He thought of all of the panic and heart-racingly frightening incidents that had happened involving the small plush version of the monster that tormented him daily.

His head tilted back as he imagined those tentacles spreading him out, pressing him up against a tree as the free ones would slip up his pants leg and trap him in place, completely immobile and defenceless against the eldritch abomonation.

"Ah!" Jay cried out as he began to pump himself faster, imagaining that a long black tentacle was doing it for him.

He let his teeth gently press down on the doll, keeping it in his mouth as he got up onto his knees, hand still quickly stroking at his cock as his now free hand went back to gently prod at the spot where he could just barely feel his prostate. Jay's eyes rolled back at the sensation, and he let his hips rock in time with his strokes.

In his mind, visions of so many tentacles tweaking at him, carressing against his skin, and perhaps even slapping at his skin excited him further. He panted and helplessly whimpered as he bucked into his own hand and began slipping a figer inside of himself. "Mmh!" He bit into the doll a little harder as he sped up his process, heart hammering against his chest.

He flipped over on his knees and pressed his own face into the hotel room mattress, seeing himself in his mind being forced against the tree as a thick tentacle was being repeatedly shoved inside him, hitting against that spot as he cried out for help with no avail.

Jay whimpered in real life, precum on his hand as he felt himself draw nearer to climax.

The slenderman in his mind was now dangling him upside down, roughly taking what he wanted, the faceless monster tilting its head as it observed Jay's behavior, until suddenly Jay came, making him cry out and shaking him out of his dream.

He rode out his orgasm, quickly pumping at himself until his cum was dripping out of his hand.

Jay panted harshly, and letting the doll drop out of his mouth and onto the bed. He slowly wiped his hands off inside his jeans and curled up around the little doll. He slowly calmed, and slipped off into sleep.

In the corner of the room, the camera just barely catching it, was the very monster Jay had been dreaming of.

The camera filled with static before shutting off.

Re: Because of a little doll. [1/2]

This is the OP anon that asked for the request. Very interesting fill!

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