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Alex and Tim in a relationship built on mutual batshit insanity. Jay walks in on them. Go.

(As an asexual, I'm probably doing it wrong...but damn it, it's a fic I want to see.)

I really really wanna write this but I have no idea how. I mean I have an idea of how I would but I'm not entirely sure if it's what anon wants.

So I'll try that out but some specifics might help before I mess it up :I

(Never posted in a kink meme before, I'm so nervous!)

Until We Bleed [1/16]

Kay it took a while and I'm pretty sure this might be too long considering what anon wanted, but it was an idea I also wanted to see and got really carried away. This is pure porn with a plot, so get ready for probably the longest fic we'll see on here.


Alex looked behind him once more, making sure that the closet door was still closed; it was, but it didn’t assure him any more than the last time he checked. He knew he should’ve locked the door, never should’ve let him in, but he couldn’t resist, just like all the other times. What was it about the man who was sleeping in his closet that made him always succumb, always let him in despite everything he’s done to him in the past? He didn’t know, and that scared him more than the thought of a certain faceless entity finding his new location.

Right now everything was quiet, and at first the quiet put him on edge, made him even more paranoid than the distortion he would find on his tapes, because all he had to do was listen for the familiar sound of something moving where he couldn’t see, but tonight the silence was good. It meant his guest was still asleep and not planning anything. It meant he could work without having to worry. It meant he could try and think of a way to get rid of him before he was done away with himself.

A cold breeze passed through the room and he shivered for a moment, pulling on his striped jacket to cover his arms before deciding that it was actually too warm for it and putting it back over the back of his computer chair. He hated that the most when his guest was over, it would always be so goddamn cold and he could never do anything about it but wait for him to leave. And every time, it didn’t matter how he got there, how long he stayed there and how much they fought while he was there, by the time his guest finally left Alex would always want him to stay. Maybe it was because he was lonely. Maybe he missed the feeling of another person’s flesh in contact with his. Or maybe he was just more addicted to this stupid man than he originally thought.

He let out a deliberate sigh, tossing the permanent marker onto his desk where it bounced to the floor, the cap popping off the back in the process. If it didn’t leave a stain like last time he’d be relieved, but little things like that didn’t really bother him anymore. Sure it messed up his carpet, but he didn’t know how long he’d be staying there anyways. His friend Jay, if he could even call him that at this point, had been trailing him for quite some time and it was really starting to get on his nerves. He had never gone so far as to actually approach his house, but how stupid did Jay think he was? He knew what his car looked his, he could pick that face out of a crowd anywhere at any time, did he honestly think he didn’t know he wasn’t alone anymore?

Of course, with that man in his closet and his visits getting more regular, which was unlike him, he hadn’t been alone for quite some time.

Until We Bleed [2/16]

After staring at the marker for a while, his eyes starting to blend the colour of the carpet over the rest of his sight, he finally decided to pick it up, leaning over just far enough so that he could pick it up without the door coming out of his view. But as he looked to the floor to grab the cap he heard the sound of the closet door slamming shut, and immediately he shot up, the pen clenched tightly in his fist as if to use it as a weapon. He stared hard at the door, starting to rise from his chair as his did, slowly, cautiously, his left hand reaching for his camera as a reflex. He knew that the man wasn’t gone, he never just left, he always had to torture him first, always silently, always cruelly.

Taking the last few steps towards the door he scanned around quickly, his finger flipping the switch for the camera as he did, almost wishing he hadn’t left his chest cam in the living room after making sure his handheld had a new, fresh tape. He was waiting for that moment, the one when the man would jump out of the closet and attack him or come at him from around the corner, but as he threw open the door to see that the closet was empty and ran to the living room to see the front door wide open, he relaxed just a little, figuring that this time he had just left. For some reason this pissed him off more than the thought of Jay tailing his car the day before.

Picking up his chest cam so that he wouldn’t have to get up again, Alex headed back for his room, slamming the closet door closed again as he went. He shut off the camera after briefly considering just leaving it on for the night while he slept when he felt the sudden force of someone slamming into him, the impact knocking both cameras loose from his hands. Crashing into the wall, his shoulder hitting the shelf next to where he hit, Alex forced himself to his feet, his eyes wide in surprise for a moment before narrowing in anger, barely ducking before his attacker punched the wall where his head used to be.

So he hadn’t left after all, but instead used that stupid ability of his to trick him. This was the first time the bastard had ever used it like this, in fact, Alex was pretty sure he couldn’t do it anymore, but obviously he had been proven wrong. Now his masked guest was trying to punch him out, but so far he was doing a horribly awful job at it. Alex knew how to take him down, he just had to kick him in the leg, that would send him down and keep him down, but he didn’t, instead shoving the man as hard as he could, throwing him off balance and into the small pile of things plugged into the lone outlet by the door.

Picking up his handheld and flipping it on, Alex quickly placed it on his chair before leaning down to grab Masky by his coat, zippered to the top as usual because of the cold, the man groaning as he tried to straighten his leg and stand at the same time.

‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ Alex snapped, Masky clinging to his arm for support as he steadied himself, but no matter how many times Alex would ask this he never got a response. One of the things that infuriated him about Masky was his unwillingness to talk; he knew he could, he had heard those moans caused by him and only him in the past, but no matter how much he beat him, how much he loved him, Masky never spoke a word.

Until We Bleed [3/16]

Staring past the mask and to his eyes, Alex stared at him, picturing his face, how anguished it must look because of his fall, and this got him to smile for a moment before the look fell again, his hands tightening over the coat as he glanced at the camera for a second. It was facing them, almost perfectly despite the angle of the seat’s curve, and Alex thought about all the other tapes filled with similar nights, where they would fight and he would yell and scream and Masky would stay as silent as ever, never explaining why he was there, why he never left him alone.

Looking back to the black and white plastic, Alex glared for a moment before helping Masky to his feet, his body shaking with anger and restraint, wanting to know so badly but all the while knowing that this night wouldn’t be different than any other night; Masky would be silent and he’d lose sleep again, delaying his seemingly never-ending search for Amy even more. He let go and Masky leaned on the wall, tilting his head to the side as he mentally questioned his enemy’s motives.

‘Just get out, I need to find my girlfriend,’ Alex muttered, almost to himself, as if he were trying to tell himself to look for her instead of Masky, and he turned and picked the camera back up, placing on a large bookmarked book with 3 faceless men on the cover, something he had recently dug up to see if it would help. He didn’t like the idea of turning his back to Masky, especially after the other night, but he was tired and nowhere near finding his goal, and right now he just didn’t care. Hell, in doing so Masky would probably take said book and beat him over the head with it, or grab one of the many cords lying around and either resume strangling him or tie him up like he had done in the old house. But when a pair of hands snaked past his neck and over his chest, almost possessively, Alex’s breath caught in his throat and he froze, his hand in mid-air above the camera ready to turn it back off.

Alex could hear Masky’s hoarse breath through the plastic, the smell of a man living God knows where mixed with the scent of Alex’s apartment reaching his nostrils as he tried to calm his own breathing, his hand falling back to his lap as Masky’s hands covered all the area they could, his body getting closer and closer to the chair until Masky’s face was barely brushing Alex’s ear. Never before had he acted this way, never acted so calm, so human, and Alex wasn’t entirely sure if this was a good or bad thing. All he knew was that the way Masky’s hands were caressing his chest and his waist was making him feel better than he had in a long time, even better than the last time Masky had come to call, and he turned the camera to face them before closing his eyes, taking in the touches with a small sigh.

As soon as his body relaxed Alex let his fall back slightly to rest against the man behind him, and before he could register what was happening Masky had spun the chair and pulled Alex from it all in one go, throwing the man to the ground as he did, every muscle in Alex’s body tensing as he hit the ground hard, the forgotten marker cap digging hard into his side. Letting out a cry of slight pain, Alex reached for the cap as Masky almost painfully dropped to his good knee, his hands pressing hard on Alex’s arms to hold them there. With the way he had landed his leg was caught on the other side of the chair, his other leg wedged between Masky and the desk, but Alex refused to let it show, not even glancing at his lower half as Masky leaned over him, taunting him with those silent words he always said in his mind, quiet enough to not be said, but loud enough for Alex to hear them perfectly.

Until We Bleed [4/16]

What the hell are you doing? the eyes said, taunting Alex calmly as he struggled beneath him; Alex knew this part of the game well, it was how Masky always started to torture him. Every time he started this it was different, but the meaning was always the same: he would always wait for the best moment to take him down, whether it was while Alex was working, while he was sleeping, checking his tapes, even getting dressed. Always with the element of surprise, Masky was the best at that, his little stunt with his masked partner convinced Alex fully of that.

Their eyes locked for what seemed to be the longest time before Masky brought his head down fast and butted Alex hard, hard enough to shove his glasses deep into his face, this time earning a cry from him. His head still hurting from when Masky had swung that branch at him to knock him down the other night, the pain from that gesture was just enough to get Alex’s arms to break free of Masky’s grip to clutch at his forehead, prying his glasses from their place as he did and tossing them out of the way. As he felt his anger rise, the cap still digging into his side as he tossed and turned like before, Alex didn’t notice at all as Masky calming crawled over to the outlet and unplugged the extension cord that lay coiled by the pile, waiting to be used, but not in the way it was about to.

‘You sonofabitch,’ Alex swore as he opened his eyes, lights flashing in front of them for a brief moment as they readjusted, his head pounding so hard that he could barely concentrate on fighting back as Masky took his hands and tied them above his head, the cord digging into his wrists and forcing his bracelets to do so as well. ‘What are you going to do now? Finish what you started the other night?’ he spat, Masky now leaning on his arms again, the strain in his shoulders enough to make him arch his back to compensate for it. When Masky didn’t answer, not even with his eyes, Alex started to try and get back up, free his hands to help his shoulders, do something even with his hands tied, but Masky wasn’t about to let that happen.

Grabbing the cord he wrapped the other end around the leg of Alex’s bed, pulling the cord hard enough to get Alex to fall back with it, his arms now as far back as they could go behind him. Pushing the tied man to the bed, Masky made sure the cord was tight enough to keep Alex’s arms suspended over his head before taking the other half and wrapping it around the man’s stomach, the cord tight enough to cause Alex to gasp a bit as Masky finished up. Alex stared at the masked man, wondering what he could possibly do to him in this state among the hundreds of possibilities, squinting hard as he tried to distinguish the blurred shapes as Masky crawled back over to the desk, picked something off the floor, grabbed the camera and headed back over. Alex flinched as Masky shoved his glasses back on his face, not caring if they were a little crooked. Taking the camera, he slipped his hand into the holder and began recording, something he had done several times in the past to tease Alex about his fetish for being taped, tracing his hand down Alex’s cheek as he did so.

Until We Bleed [5/16]

The cord dug even tighter into Alex’s waist as he tried to lift his hands back over, the pain enough for him to know to not do that again, and for a brief moment he wondered why Masky didn’t just tie him up the way he and Jay restrained him in the house. Alex knew he himself wouldn’t be able to get out of that, why cause him additional pain along with being controlled? The question answered itself as Masky pulled a tape from the small pile growing under Alex’s bed and popped it into the camera, searching for a certain moment in the past, which he was able to find quickly and play back shortly after.

Alex stared at the small display screen, trying to discern what was going on at this time that made it so important, when he heard his own distorted voice cry out, ‘The next time I see you I’ll kill you!’ Masky then stopped the tape and replaced it with the previous one as to continue recording, Alex’s face the only thing showing on the display screen.

‘So that’s it. You’re either going to kill me, or watch me suffer,’ he said solemnly, Masky placing the camera back on the chair and ignoring what he said, making sure that the both of them would be in the shot. ‘Why wait so long? Why not just kill me that night?’ he asked as Masky made his way back over, his eyes hidden by the mask’s shadow by now. The other man began to trace Alex’s jaw line, his hand making its way down to the cord before reaching behind him to tug the cord tighter, making sure that it wasn’t about to come undone. Letting out a faint groan, Alex tried to position himself so that he could kick Masky away from him, but having the advantage in hand Masky forced his legs down before sitting on them, sliding his way up to Alex’s waist, a position Alex knew all too well.

With his legs taken care of as well, Masky then reached up to Alex’s right arm, pulling down his sleeve and showing off the scar he gave him all those months ago. Tracing it as well, Masky leaned in close, nuzzling Alex ever so slightly with his mask, his fingers just barely touching his skin.

‘Want you… Bleed more…’ he whispered, and Alex’s eyes widened as Masky’s hand closed down hard over his arm and brought his arms forward with surprising strength. Alex let out a cry of pain as the cords tightened on both his wrists and waist, his back arching as he tried to bend to avoid it. He shut his eyes tightly, trying as hard as he could to not cry out again when Masky grabbed him roughly by his jaw and forced his head up, his eyes opening as he did so. His hand leaving Alex’s face, Masky reached up and slowly removed his mask, putting it gently next to the camera, his breath ragged from breathing behind the plastic for so long.

It had been so long since Alex had last seen Tim’s face when they first unmasked him, and he could see that Tim wasn’t doing well behind the mask. The stubble trailing across his jaw line was dark and course, but he could tell he had recently shaved. Because of the mask he had never noticed, but the dark circles that helped to hide his eyes in shadow were even darker than Jay’s, and now that he could see them clearly he could see the malice, the insanity, the lust in his eyes that had been cast aside for so long. Instantly all the memories of what Tim had done to him before rushed back into his mind and Alex was reminded of why he hadn’t killed Tim yet, even though he had sworn he would. He bit his lip for a moment as Tim finally let go of his arm, the pain subsiding only a little as he was able to catch his breath and let a bit of the blood go back to his hands.

Until We Bleed [6/16]

Alex watched as Tim’s eyes trailed to his mouth, something he had claimed as his own a long time ago, and leaned in, kissing him slightly before biting down hard on his lower lip. He tasted copper before Tim’s tongue ran over the wound, cleaning it slightly before making its way back into the other man’s mouth, and even though every fiber of Alex’s being told him to bite him back so he knew he had no right, he found himself kissing him back, despite the pain, despite the hatred. He knew what was to happen next, he was right in thinking that Tim was going to get started when he pulled him from the chair, it just took him a while to get ‘comfortable’. Of course, this was the first time Tim had removed his mask, and that worried him a tiny bit. But with the way Tim was kissing him, and the way he had started to buck against his hips ever so slightly, Alex soon found himself turned on, just like every other time.

‘I will kill you,’ he muttered between kisses, Tim’s hands trailing down to unbutton Alex’s pants, his fingers passing over the cord one by one. ‘One day, I will resist you and I will kill you.’ Tim chuckled ever so slightly but didn’t say another word, his kisses moving down to Alex’s neck and collarbone as he undid the zipper and began to free Alex’s legs, his hands going back to work as soon as he was done. ‘Why don’t you say anything? I know you can talk,’ he hissed as Tim sucked on that sweet spot below his jugular, and this time Tim looked up at him, his eyes spelling out something, something in a code, something undecipherable as Alex attempted to read them.

Before he could figure out what Tim was trying to say, Alex was rendered speechless as Tim began to palm him through his boxers, his right hand taking care of Alex, his left hand undoing the zipper on his coat. The sound of his coat hitting the floor mixed in with Alex’s ragged breaths drove him crazy, and the more he tried to lean into him the more pain he caused himself thanks to the cord. Every other time it had be rough, that had been true, but never before had Tim gone as far as to restrain while he did what he did, and never before had Alex thought that he would be this turned on just by looking at Tim’s face. The mask had always been there, staring blankly at him while they did it, so never once had Alex been able to see how Tim really felt about this, the fights, the tension, the addiction, but now, as Tim stopped to remove his shirt, which Alex noticed to still have blood on it from their last encounter, he could see the emotion etched so faintly on his face, the thing that finally told him that what he wanted, what he craved, wasn’t a mask, but a person.

Until We Bleed [7/16]

Tim wasted no time in removing his own pants after his shirt, and Alex swallowed hard as he noticed that he was just as excited as he was, but of course, this was Tim, and he was excited for other reasons than just getting physical. Alex knew from experience that Tim was bound to hurt him again before he did anything else, but to his surprise Tim continued right away, his eyes hungry and wild, licking his lips once before tracing a series of kisses down Alex’s chest to his waist, and as he stopped and smiled cruelly up at the older man without doing anything more Alex was tempted to try and kick him away again. Tim noticed this at once and smirked again, his lips parting slightly as he did, and even though that face was enough to send a shiver down Alex’s spine it also infuriated him and he started to struggle under him, eager to knee that handsome face so hard that he’d dislodge a few teeth. But of course, Tim was strong, and Alex was pretty much trapped at this point and could only watch as Tim stripped away the last of his clothing, minus his shirt because it wasn’t going anywhere until either the cord was removed or it was destroyed.

Flinching as he felt the rough carpet underneath him, Alex for once felt almost embarrassed, not because he didn’t want Tim to see him, but because there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop Tim from seeing him, and the thought obviously reached Tim quickly because he grabbed the camera again, taking focus on Alex’s quivering body, his eyes glaring from behind his glasses and his body heating up from all the attention. Tim smiled as he silently documented this moment, neither one of them making a sound as the camera continued rolling, and as he watched the red light to try and distract himself from the look Tim was making in attempts to not show off how excited he was becoming, he was reminded of one of the old totheark responses Jay had received before Alex had sent him that tape: Smile for the camera.

As if reading his mind Tim got in as close as he could get, making sure his leg brushed against the inside of Alex’s thigh as he recorded just his face, and at first Alex held back a moan before he began struggling again, getting pretty fed up of this sort of game.

‘You sick fuck, you will let me out of this, right now,’ he swore, and Tim’s expression fell instantly to one of sadness and disappointment, whereas he leaned back to sit on his legs, the camera dipping from its position of facing Alex head on to looking at the carpet. Tim stared at him sadly for a moment before wagging his index finger, as if to say no, and when Alex went to demand to be freed he struck out, the camera hitting Alex hard in the face as a response. His glasses flying from his face this time, Alex squinted back at Tim as the silent man then raised that same finger to his lips and shushed him, mouthing the word ‘quiet’ before putting the camera back on the chair; it was then Alex noticed the slight red tinge on the cam and the taste of copper registered in his mouth.

Tim obviously hadn’t noticed the blood until he followed Alex’s stunned expression to the camera, but as soon as he realized it he was on Alex in a second, kissing him hard as he tried to get a taste, both scaring and turning on Alex greatly as the skin contact set his body aflame with lust. He was sick of this game for certain now, and at the moment he wanted nothing more than for Tim to just untie him and fuck him harder than ever before, but when Tim continued to kiss him while sliding off his own boxers and positioning Alex over him without even considering undoing the cord he began to worry a little. With Tim now under him he was putting pressure on the cord, and even though he wanted Tim more than ever he really preferred to be cut loose before they were to get any further.

Until We Bleed [8/16]

‘Tim, the cord,’ he murmured as Tim positioned himself just right, and Tim looked up from where he and Alex would soon be connected again to the older man’s face, that sinister grin of his appearing on his face before he shoved himself inside without any warning, Alex finding himself letting out a cry once again. With his hands on either sides of Alex’s waist, Tim began to guide Alex as he helped him move up and down, his eyes locked intently on Alex’s as he tried to ignore the pain in his wrists, his waist and his lower half.

‘T-Tim,’ Alex stuttered as Tim began to thrust harder, his smile growing and his breathing coming out so heavy that Alex could hear him panting, his voice lacing every breath lightly as they escaped his throat, and hearing this for the first time only made Alex harder. Everything hurt so badly, and he was pretty sure the cord was cutting into his wrists by now, his waist probably too, but it all melted away as Tim hit that spot inside him and he let out a loud moan, wanting nothing more than to have his hands free so that he could cling to Tim’s back like before, adding more scars to the new collection he was gaining. Wrapping his legs around Tim’s waist he began to move himself without Tim’s help, his hands clutching the bedspread behind him tightly as he put all his weight onto the bed to help ease the pressure due to the cord. This was the first time Tim had ever fucked him like this, face to face, and even though he had no control over the situation other than how fast he moved his hips, a certain feeling of control washed over him and he began to move faster, grinding down hard on Tim as he began to get close.

‘More…’ was all Alex was able to say as his voice began to cut out; his legs were shaking and he was sure he was about to dislocate his shoulder, and the growing wetness on his shirt told him that the cord was doing more damage than he thought, but none of it mattered at that very moment, because Tim was there, holding him, fucking him, kissing him, and the more he kept his eyes open to make out Tim’s face among all the blurriness the more he wanted to break free of that goddamn cord and hold him properly.

Neither of them noticed as a certain someone slipped into the house to look for answers, because neither of them could hear him sleuth over the sound of their own cries of pleasure. Alex didn’t notice the door being slightly opened because Tim had chosen that moment to wrap his fingers under the cord and pull it tighter, not only for help with his own stability but to hurt Alex just a little more as he got ready to come, his hands sticky with Alex’s sweat, cum and blood. He pulled Alex towards him and he obliged, his eyes half lidded because of the pleasure and because of how close he was, and as they focused in on Tim’s face he saw him open his mouth as if to say something important, something genuine hidden in his eyes behind all the madness, but just as he was about to say it his eyes focused on the door and made out the shape of a dark figure standing there and he let out a cry of surprise this time, Tim instantly closing his mouth and spinning around to see who it was.

Until We Bleed [9/16]

‘Alex?’ he heard Jay shout in complete and utter shock, and both men froze, Tim’s eyes narrowing in pure hatred as all the feelings of just moments before left him, his skin cooling down to its cold temperature as before, every trace that he had been so human to Alex leaving as he clenched his fists and reached for his mask.

‘Jay run!’ Alex managed to cry out, his voice finally returning as the thought of Tim seriously injuring if not killing his last friend because he interrupted their get together entered his mind; with Jay entering the room everything had been destroyed, the mood, their pleasure, that look in Tim’s eye, now all there was was a very confused Jay with a camera, a very angry Tim with a vengeance and a very pained Alex tied to the bed. Jay looked from the approaching Tim to Alex, his eyes wide as he tried to comprehend what was going on, and he took almost a second too long before returning his attention back to Tim, swinging the camera at his head to try and stop him. Tim ignored the camera as it hit him and rammed Jay hard into the wall, completely disarming him as he let out a small shout of surprise and pain.

Alex began to fight against the cord again as Tim yanked the camera from Jay’s hand and chucked it down the hallway, slamming the bedroom door after doing so, making sure to turn the lock to make sure Jay didn’t think about leaving. Once Jay started to come to his senses Tim grabbed him again and threw him down to the floor where he landed a few inches away from Alex, barely missing his glasses as he did; he looked up at his friend with wide eyes, stuck between finding a way to free Alex so he could help him or to try and take Tim down first. But his decision was cut short as Tim, flinching because of his leg and using the wall as support, took Jay’s jacket in hand and pulled as hard as he could, Jay instantly finding himself sitting up as a result. Alex could tell he was confused, and he wanted to help him, but he didn’t know how without giving away Tim’s visits and getting Jay to trust him even less.

‘Leave Jay out of this,’ he finally said as he watched the blurred figure of Tim raise a fist to start pummeling Jay and to his relief Tim stopped, his fist still hovering in the air. Even without his glasses he could tell that Tim wanted to say something, wanted to say quite a few things it seemed, but he stay quiet, his fist falling back down to his side even though he kept a firm grip on Jay’s jacket. ‘Just let him go, hurt me instead.’ He didn’t feel like a hero for saying this, nor did he want to, but it seemed to be enough to both convince Jay he was still the victim and get through to Tim.

‘You know I won’t let him,’ Jay said almost silently as he looked back to Alex, taking in how hurt he really was, and a new determination showed on his face; now convinced that Tim had broken in to Alex’s apartment and had done all this on his own, Jay considered Tim to no longer be his old acquaintance from their Marble Hornets days in college, but instead an animalistic psycho who had seriously injured his only friend, and he wasn’t about to let him do anything more to him. Doing what Alex had failed to earlier, he punched Tim hard in the leg and shoved him off of him as Tim shouted in pain, losing his balance and toppling over as he did.

Until We Bleed [10/16]

Jay wasted no time in spotting the scissors lying on Alex’s desk and grabbed them, reaching for the cord and snipping it clean and finally freeing Alex’s stiff arms. Alex hissed as he brought his arms to his chest, the pain of moving them far worse than having them held back, and it took a while for him to notice but as Jay went on with cutting the cord from his wrists he saw Tim picked up the big book from his desk and hit Jay hard over the head with it, knocking his friend onto him, the scissors falling from his hand. Alex held on to Jay as best as he could, the cord loosening as he tried to pry his locked wrists apart until finally they were free and he could flip Jay around to look at his face.

Jay’s eyes were half lidded, his mouth slightly agape as he stared blankly up at his friend, nothing quite registering to him as the stars flashed in front of his eyes. He knew Tim was watching him although he didn’t know what was keeping him from knocking him out with the book too, when Tim put the book back and dropped down, a hand on his leg as he got in close, his eyes moving back from Jay to Alex, a smile slowly rising to his face.

Let’s have fun with him, his eyes said, and Alex considered it for a moment, but found he couldn’t; it was true that he had thought about Jay in the way he had been with Tim in their more non-violent sessions, and he knew Tim knew because of the few slips he made in their more passionate moments, but to take advantage of him when he finally had him on his side again?

‘I’m not going to let you hurt him,’ Alex insisted, clinging to Jay like a toy he loved dearly and wouldn’t share, and Tim shrugged vaguely, nodding to Alex then to Jay as if to say, ‘Then do it yourself.’ Alex froze and looked back down to his friend where he was starting to regain himself, and wondered if he would go as far as Tim to get what he wanted; would he also tie up his friend and force him into it, and would Jay be the same as him and enjoy it? Or would he destroy his last chance to get Jay to believe him and lose him forever?

‘Alex?’ Jay murmured as his eyes began to focus, and Alex snapped out of his thoughts to try and answer back, wondering what to say when Tim let out an annoyed groan and started to unzip Jay’s pants, having them on the floor in no time. This started to wake Jay up a little faster because he started to fidget in panic, weakly pushing against Tim to get him to stop, but Jay had ruined his night and Tim was in no mood to stop from getting what he wanted.

Jay rolled into Alex and grabbed into him in an attempt at safety, but for some reason upon glancing at the panic in Jay’s eyes Alex felt a rush of adrenaline and he found himself shushing Jay, taking the jacket’s zipper and undoing it as Tim proceeded to take it off for him. ‘Don’t worry Jay,’ he said while Jay continued to feebly fight back, now clad in his boxers as Alex helped Tim take off Jay’s shirt. ‘I promise I won’t let him hurt you.’ Jay just stared at Alex, his face free of any emotion as Alex then leaned down and kissed him.

Until We Bleed [11/16]

Tim smiled smugly as Jay then devoted all his energy to try and shove Alex off of him, but the look Alex quickly sent Tim then had his arms held down, Alex doing as Tim had done as he began to let his hands roam over the one person he had longed for before Tim became such a ‘distraction’. Jay now had no idea whatsoever about what he had stumbled into, but he knew for certain that the person he had previously been trying to rescue was now holding him captive as he continued to kiss him, Tim just watching as he grinned about being right.

Tim tapped Alex on the shoulder after a moment and wordlessly asked about the camera, taking Alex’s fetish into consideration again, and Alex only had to think a few seconds about it before nodding and straightening himself, pulling his legs out from under Jay so that he could maneuver himself more easily. With Tim now recording diligently and Jay thinking like a madman about how to get out, Alex took the cord from around his waist, and after prying the cord from its tight tangle he tossed it under his bed, so as to not be tempted to use the same procedure on Jay.

The wide eyed man watched as Alex then finally removed his own shirt and let out a small gasp and he saw how badly the cord really had dug into Alex’s skin, but upon noticing that he noticed all the other cuts and bruises from their previous sessions, some deep, some healing, some looking that they would even scar. It was on seeing these that something connected in his mind and he knew why Alex wasn’t finding something heavy to break Tim’s other leg with, and all at once his fear found its way into words and made their way out of Jay’s mouth.

‘He’s been fucking you this entire time!’ he shouted, propping himself up and backing away into the wall, knocking aside anything in his way as he went. ‘You let him tie you up!’ Alex said nothing, Tim however let out the quietest of chuckles as he turned to record Jay’s reaction, hoping to himself that the tape wouldn’t run out any time soon. Alex was beginning to feel a tad annoyed if not frustrated at the fact that he would have to do all the talking seeing as Tim wouldn’t help him, but he figured he had done enough talking for the night, and on thinking about the mysterious thing that Tim was going to say, so had Jay.

‘Hand me the duct tape,’ Alex ordered as he started to advance on Jay, and Tim looked around for a moment before spotting it lying next to the mountains of sketches and picked it up. He handed it to Alex who then ordered for Tim to help him control Jay while he worked. Tim did as he was told and set the camera back down before crawling over to help, Jay not knowing who to fear more as Tim held tightly onto his hands while Alex taped them together. Alex wanted to bind Jay with something so that he couldn’t get away, but not with something that would end up hurting him like the cord had. With Jay’s hands taped in front of him to avoid similar shoulder pain, Alex then had Tim hold him down as he taped over Jay’s mouth to keep him quiet, his face serious, his eyes apologizing as they tried to not meet Jay’s.

Until We Bleed [12/16]

Jay yelled muffled things through the tape as Alex then pulled him to his feet, Tim using him to help himself stand, and soon he was being forced to sit on the bed, Tim back on the floor and holding Jay’s legs as Alex moved behind him, his hands resting on Jay’s chest as a form of comfort as he spoke. ‘He’s not going to hurt you Jay, and neither am I. I just need to… get a few things off my chest,’ he whispered, Tim watching intently from where he sat, and to Alex it looked like Jay was trying not to cry as his breathing quickened until he let out a long sigh, closed his eyes and nodded. This small gesture was enough to tell Tim that everything could proceed and was about to take off Jay’s boxers too when Alex told him no, using his own eyes to send a message that time. Tim understood and backed off, taking his mask with him as he did so, running his fingers over the eyes as he silently watched as Alex finally took control.

This newfound control was a lot for Alex to take in, seeing as for the past month he had been stuck between Tim and The Operator hunting him down all over again, but to have Jay squirming under his touch, to have someone do as he said for once, it made his body shiver and his heart race with excitement and pretty soon Jay felt that excitement pressed into the small of his back. Jay sat up straight in an attempt to not be touched by it, but couldn’t help but notice a strange feeling arise in his boxers as Alex got even closer, his hands moving farther and farther down until he was palming him, his chin resting on Jay’s shoulder as he worked. He didn’t know exactly how to pleasure the other man but he was sure that if he did it like Tim did Jay would never enjoy this, and the last thing he wanted was to miss out on hearing Jay moan thanks to something he was doing.

As Alex worked Jay seemed to calm down more and more until he noticed that he had shut his eyes and submitted, now moving his hips somewhat to match Alex’s hands. This turned him on even more as Alex then crept inside of his clothes, taking Jay in hand and working him that way, careful to not be too rough and hurt him. With the way Jay was reacting he realized that Jay hadn’t felt or done anything of this manner in a very longer time, probably not since he had first started watching the tapes, and that only made him want to pleasure Jay more because it was his fault he got into this in the first place.

Noticing that Jay’s boxers seemed to really restrict what he could do, Alex motioned for Tim to remove them which Tim did gladly, quite enjoying the show being put on for him. With Jay free Alex was finally able to see what he was up against and held back a small gasp of surprise to see how big Jay really was, Tim being rather impressed as well. By looking to his face Alex could see that Jay was embarrassed about it all due to the rising blush, but none the less didn’t try to hide his shame as Alex moved faster, his hands the best relief he’d had in years. As Jay got closer and closer Alex found himself getting more and more impatient, wanting to take someone instead of being taken for once, and seeing Jay succumb to just his hand made him know exactly who he wanted to take.

‘Tim,’ he ordered quickly and Tim crawled over like a pet, hard from watching. ‘Help me with Jay.’ Tim nodded and lifted Jay’s legs as Alex moved from behind him, releasing Jay and earning a pained sign from him afterwards. Jay allowed himself to be moved around like a ragdoll as Alex got him to lie down on his bed, Tim helping to position Jay’s leg on either side of him. Jay looked, from what Alex could make out with his glasses still on the floor, a little scared about what was about to happen, but he didn’t fight as Alex held himself up to him, nor as he pushed himself inside. Jay screamed against the tape as Alex went in as far as he could go, the muffled scream exciting Tim greatly as he began to work himself to compensate for his time with Alex getting cut short.

Until We Bleed [13/16]

The feeling of being in control for the first time in 3 months stimulated Alex as he watched Jay writhe underneath him, torn between the first time pain and the bliss of being with Alex in this way, and even though he had promised not to hurt him he couldn’t help but hope that he was causing him some pain as he began to thrust into him, slowly at first but quickly gaining some speed as he began to become drunk with lust. Jay was groaning now, his fists clenching and unclenching with each thrust, legs wrapping around Alex for support as he had done with Tim. With everything going on, Tim moaning on his floor, Jay moaning on his bed and the camera rolling, Alex soon lost himself to it all and leaned forward, a hand on either side of Jay’s waist. Jay opened his eyes long enough to look up at Alex, towering over him, face almost hiding by the shadows, and reached up for his mouth, tearing off the tape himself and tossing it aside so that he could speak.

‘Alex,’ he whispered, just loud enough to gain his attention, ‘don’t hold back. I trust you.’ Tim may not have heard Jay call to Alex, but seeing as the second part was louder than the first he heard it clear as day, and something inside him ignited; he came to the sudden realization that he was being pushed aside, forgotten amoung the drawings as Alex went with someone he had wanted for himself, not because Jay had set after him but because he had set after Jay. Alex was going to get what he wanted because of someone else, and the very thought of Tim being left behind because Alex had a new secret playmate angered him beyond belief. He immediately stopped, his heart pounding hard in his chest as he watched a faint smile creep across the other man’s lips.

Alex didn’t notice Tim getting up until he was being pulled back, Tim hoisting himself onto the bed behind him, kissing his neck and reaching around him to grab Jay at the same time, biting a little harder than usual as if to get his attention. Alex moaned at the combined feelings, Jay confused but not exactly complaining as both men took control over him, Tim getting angrier as Alex continued to devote his attention to the man underneath him like the one behind him wasn’t even there. He wasn’t about to give Alex up, especially not to that wide eyed clueless pansy known as Jay, and to drive that home he pulled Alex off of Jay and back onto his lap, wanting to finish what he started before Jay so rudely interrupted.

The feeling of Alex being pulled out of him so suddenly caused Jay to flinch, not only because he was so close but because it had actually really hurt and he tried to sit up, Alex being held tightly in Tim’s grasp as he began kissing him again, Tim trying to help him finish, all the while locking eyes with Jay. Jay frowned as Alex then forgot about him, his thoughts melting away as Tim reentered him and didn’t waste any time in showing him who was in control out of the two of them, Alex submitting almost immediately. By now Jay considered him to be too far involved to just walk away, and even though he knew it was wrong he almost wanted Alex to ignore Tim and go back to him, seeing as it was his initial want for him that got him so badly involved.

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