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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

Entry 35 (http://www.youtube.com/marblehornets#p/u/4/cJ3Orif19ew) : Alex wants Masky tied up for other reasons. J's reaction is author's choice.

Deluge [1/2]

"The knife!" Alex shouted.

I stepped back, incredulous. I honestly hadn't been expecting to find anything at the house again. Went out of frustration and boredom, afraid to max out my credit card on another hotel or a cheeseburger from a local eatery. But when I went...

I found Alex. Or he found me.

I found Tim... Jesus Christ, how could the guy in the mask be Tim? It seemed like totheark might have hinted at it. And now they were on top of each other, Tim groaning underneath Alex's weight, cord stretched tight around his throat and mask stained with droplets of sweat that shone in the sunlight. It was unbelievable. It was insa--

"Give me the knife!" Alex snarled. Tim bucked against him, struggling.

I hesitated, making sure the camera was focused on them. Looked down where blood glinted crimson and wet on the blade. "No..." I started but Alex shoved Tim down and approached me.

"He's not going to follow us, Jay." Alex grabbed my wrist. The camera jerked. "Turn off the camera."

"No--" I said again but Alex thrust my hand down. The camera fell to the debris-laded floor with a crack. We all stared at it, Tim's eyes bulging, Alex's mouth forming a perfect O, and my hands shaking at the rough texture of Alex's on mine.

"Shit!" Tim gasped. "He's coming for you now, he's coming for us now, he's coming, he's coming--"

"Who?" I asked, dumbly.

Alex shook his head in disgust. Bent low to grab the knife.

Tim was on the floor, used his legs to back against the wall like a spider. He looked haunted, sideburns bushy and unkept and eyes glowing bright. The cord still dangled from around his throat.

"I'll follow you everywhere, Alex Kralie." Tim spat. "And I'll follow him--" He jerked his head to me. "--too."

"Why?" I asked.

Alex flailed. "Who gives a shit, Jay? Tie him up again." He looked at me, glasses gleaming as sharp as the weapon in his hand. "Now."

I obeyed. Tim tried to resist as I stretched the cord over his chest, binding his arms. Sank his teeth into the soft flesh of my wrist.

The sound that escaped my mouth wasn't a gasp or a groan, wasn't any sort of cry of pain. It had been so long since I was able to interact with anyone. I guess the long nights had taken their toll because when I reacted, I moaned.

The atmosphere changed then. Tim's eyes widened even further and Alex smirked.

"I thought it was something like that." Alex said. "Here." He handed the knife to me. "I'll make sure he's not able to move."

I watched with a detached sense of purpose, holding the knife just above Tim as Alex checked the bonds. Blood rushed from my head. I didn't know what was going to happen next. But the strange thing was I was more than a little excited at the prospect of standing over these two with a blade, these two "friends" of mine who seemed to be at the center of all this madness. It was almost as if I wanted to see them pay for luring me here. Almost.

Alex made one adjustment, looping the cord again around Tim's throat. Slammed him on the floor once more. His expression was needy.

“...Should we go now?” The knife was dripping. I stared at Alex’s arm where Tim must have stabbed him. The sanest thing to do would be to clean it. But I had a feeling that wouldn’t be happening.

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Inspiration from this (http://twitter.com/#!/marblehornets/status/49706148542156800) twitter update, but you can place it anywhere in the timeline you want!

[Found something that makes me not want to go through the rest of these tapes. Headache. Laying down for now. Uploading it tomorrow.]

J finds a tape (heavily distorted) that, upon closer inspection, contains questionable content between himself and his masked stalker.

Hey, I am so on this. I started to write something kind of like this already. Might as well finish it!

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Humorous fanart or fanfic request: Found footage

Since we can go all nuts on this...

I dare anyone to draw or write a short where Jay finds a tape that has the Operator doing a strip tease for the camera.

Smooth Operator (or "You Can Leave Your Tie On") Pt 1

You don't even know what's on this tape, do you?

Jay wished to high heaven that he had never set eyes on this particular tape, never snuck back in to Alex's apartment, never been curious enough to risk everything just to view its contents. He had been so sure that this one tape lying on Alex's desk was the final piece of the puzzle, the one that would give him the answers he was seeking and make everything else make sense.

Instead, it only brought up more questions, ones that Jay was more than willing to leave unanswered, if truth be told.

He had seen many deeply disturbing things in the last few years, things that he remembered with a shudder, things that he tried to forget and things that he couldn't remember at all due to memory loss, but felt somewhere, deep inside, that they must have been beyond traumatic.

As he watched in fascinated and appalled horror, a thought formed in his head: if only he could somehow induce memory loss. Maybe once he was done, he would go run head-first into a brick wall. This was something he never wanted to remember as long as he lived. And yet, somehow, he couldn't look away.

The tape itself had seemed no different to any other, although on closer inspection, it appeared to have been played back by Alex many, many times: compared to the rest of Alex's tapes, the tape inside the casing looked worn to Jay's knowledgeable eyes.

Now, Jay's eyes were glued to the screen. The tape had started out like many others: Alex setting up the camera in his bedroom, then settling in to sleep for the night. All standard stuff that Jay had seen many times before. Until - that tell-tale sign - a visual tear in the tape and then boom, that thing was there, right in Alex's room. Alex seemed unaware and continued sleeping. Slowly, the thing, the Operator turned toward the rolling camera on Alex's desk. Jay had flinched: he couldn't help it. It was like it was looking straight at him, despite the disturbing lack of eyes to do so. The sound distortion suddenly intensified, so loud it startled him, until it reached a crescendo of near-deafening noise. Then much to Jay's surprise, the white-noise had seemed to coalesce into a discernible tune. A tune that Jay recognised, but couldn't believe he was hearing.

It was - no, it couldn't be - but it was - The Stripper, by David Rose.


just throwing that out there because i know this is going to be a sausagefest >_>

When a knock came on the door, Jessica expected it to be that weird Jay guy from the next room over again. She coughed as she sat up. The time 4:44AM blared red from the nightstand. Rubbing her eyes (and her eyes hurt, she needed some fucking uninterrupted sleep), she hurried to pull a shirt over her head. The knocks came more urgently so she decided to just fuck the buttons and clutch the shirt to her chest as she peeped out into the hall.

"What do you--Amy?"

She opened the door wider to emit her... acquaintance. To call her a friend was wrong. They had taken a few classes together at film school but Amy had been more focussed on flirting with transfer students and boosting her "acting" career than making friends.

Amy looked terrible, nails broken and brunette roots growing into the bottle blonde. Her makeup was smeared as though she'd been crying.

"Jessica?" She sniffed. "What are you doing here?"

"I was kicked--" Jessica recited her backstory from memory before shaking her head. "No, a better question is what are you doing here? It's four AM."

Amy blinked back a few tears and bit her lip. "I don't know." She pushed a hand through her hair. It came back greasy. "I just woke up here, in the hallway. The last thing I knew Alex was telling me to leave--But that must have been days ago. Months ago. What day is it? Where am I? Did you hear anything--"

Jessica wanted to slam the door in her face but invited her in. Amy went straight to the bed, sitting on it and glancing up before averted her eyes.

"--um, your shirt--"

Jessica looked down. Her nipples were hard against the fabric, one peeping out through the unbuttoned cotton. Jessica folded her arms while Amy raised an eyebrow.

"Look, I don't know why I'm here either. But I've been here a couple of weeks now. And there's this guy next door who's acting really weird---"

"Guy?" Amy perked up. "Is his name Alex?"


Amy's face fell in terror. "Does he wear a suit?"

Jessica opened her mouth and closed it. Her arms fell to her side. Her breasts prickled as they were exposed to the cold air. "How did you know--"

Amy jumped up from the bed. "I don't know anything, Jess!" She cried. "All I know is I'm scared and I'm disgusting and I just want--" Tears streamed down her face. "--a shower." She finished, lamely.

Jessica blinked. Nothing made sense anymore. One minute, she'd been working on her own student film, the next it was months later and she was stranded in this hotel. The dreams that came to her while she slept were terrifying, almost real. Nothing made sense. But at least there was someone here acknowledging that and not lying like Jay.

"If you want a shower..." Jessica trailed off as she opened the bathroom door. Flicked on the lights and let her shirt fall to the floor. "I'll be in there."

Amy smiled for the first time in what she thought were months.

#Entry 18

The first time Jay encounters Masky.

Was it a struggle that we heard? Or something else entirely?

1. [Keeping. Secrets.]

[AAagggh, that's a thought that always crossed my mind at that scene! xD Ill attempt a 4:30 AM fanfic *bows, bows* hopefully it's not shit riddled with typos!~]]

MH cast orgy.

Under the influence of the Operator.

It must be done.


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Oh, I'm in love with Slenderman, Slenderman.
Oh, I'm in love with Slenderman, Slender.

Slender, slenderman.
Slender slenderman.
Slender, slenderman
Slender, totheark

When he comes to me I’m not ready
I film things and he appears on my screen
Don’t forgive him when he messes with my brain
Even after three times he fucking scares me

It’s him I’ll chase
It’s him I’ll chase, chase
A king with no face
King with no face

I'm just a crazy fool
Oh baby, he's so cruel
But I'm still in love with Slendy, baby

I'm just a crazy fool
Oh baby, he's so cruel
But I'm still in love with Slendy, baby

Oh, I'm in love with Slenderman, Slenderman.
Oh, I'm in love with Slenderman, Slenderman.

Slender, slenderman etc.

I couldn’t film the man without a face
Even my friends don’t forgive his crooked way
I’ve learned that slenderman is like a brick
He can burn a house or sink a dead body

It’s him I’ll chase
It’s him I’ll chase, chase
A ghost with no face
ghost with no face

I'm just a crazy fool
Oh baby, he's so cruel
But I'm still in love with Slendy, baby
I'm just a crazy fool
Oh baby, he's so cruel
But I'm still in love with Slendy, baby

Oh I’m in love with Slenderman

Oh I’m in love with Slenderman

In the most base of senses you beyond terrify
Faceless ghost, scary fucker, stalking my mind
But in the paranormal sense I film even though I’m tense
Slends kiss me if offenced or leave me alone next time

I don’t wanna find you
But something's pulling me toward you
Alex is my virtue
And Slenderman is the demon I cling to
I cling to

I'm just a crazy fool
Oh baby, he's so cruel
But I'm still in love with Slendy, baby

I'm just a crazy fool
Oh baby, he's so cruel
But I'm still in love with Slendy, baby

Oh, I'm in love with Slenderman, Slenderman.
Oh, I'm in love with Slenderman, Slenderman.

Slender, slenderman etc.

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Jaylex- Irrellevant sexytiemz in woods?

Of course this thought has crossed any Alex/Jay-minded individual who watched Entry 38.

This anon wants Alex's "Come here"s to Jay at the end of that entry to mean EXACTLY what all fangirls/boys WANT that to mean. ;D <3 heh.

BONUS: If Jay at first is still all pissed and bitchy at Alex at first, like "wtfAlexWHATISTHIS?! >:o" but then just totally domineers their- *cough* outdoor activities. CAUSE WE ALL KNOW HE WANTED IT, DAMMIT! XD

Re: Jaylex- Irrellevant sexytiemz in woods?

Have you seen this fic, fellow anon?


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Masky with a shoe on his head getting his swag on.


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Those of you who go to Tim's LPs know that Tim has issued a proclamation that if someone links him to dirty porn of "him and Brian" he will make Brian read it aloud. He can actually be quoted as having said he wants Brian to not be able to look him in the face as a result of this fic.

Anon, make it happen. Tim/Brian. Dirtykinkywrong. I think Brian talking dirty would make this optimally uncomfortable. Go.

Someone PLEASE DO IT so I get to hear/see the results!

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Tim/Jay. As Masky or not, doesn't matter. And...him not being too evil or mean? I guess I don't mind some antagonism, I'd just like to see something between these two that ISN'T non- or dub-con.

I'm so working on this. Give me a couple days. Maybe one. Maybe two. I don't know yet.

But soooo working on it.

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Tim/Jessica/Amy freaky three way with Tim (not as Masky) being a love slave to them.


totheark (Brian) x Masky (Tim) x Jay.

What exactly happened after Jay went missing in Entry #19, and what took place during those three hours apart from what we see in Return?




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Jay x Alex

Enter the tragic hero and his unattainable companion.



Alex and Tim in a relationship built on mutual batshit insanity. Jay walks in on them. Go.

(As an asexual, I'm probably doing it wrong...but damn it, it's a fic I want to see.)

I really really wanna write this but I have no idea how. I mean I have an idea of how I would but I'm not entirely sure if it's what anon wants.

So I'll try that out but some specifics might help before I mess it up :I

(Never posted in a kink meme before, I'm so nervous!)

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