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Pack your bags, Alex is coming with the lighter fluid!
clean up
There was a suggestion (which I accidentally deleted) to have the meme moved somewhere that sucks less like Dreamwidth. I have set up a mirror of the meme at dreamwidth, importing all comments.

Unfortunately, that doesn't help the index and we will have to go through and re-link all fics and requests, which could take some time.

You are welcome to continue participating here or at the other meme, although, it might be good for people to maybe vote in the comments here about where they would prefer to have the meme, because having requests and fills at both locations will make it hard for writers and requesters to meet up with each other.

Please feel free to leave a comment on this entry stating where you would prefer to have the meme live!

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im surprised that someone actually read my comment

You already know how I feel on the subject. I say Alex can come and burn whatever he wants (houses, memes, small animals, whatever...) and we'll find a new meme to perv up.
That's our deal, we give him stuff to shoot and set on fire and we get to write porn about him.

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