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[sticky post]Marble Hornets Kink Meme
Simple. Just post an anonymous comment asking for a fic to be written. Obviously, this is called the kink meme for a reason, and it's mostly for, well, kinks. That doesn't necessarily mean full out sex, but go crazy. After all, this is anonymous for a reason.

Someone will, hopefully, reply anonymously with a story, long or short, based on your request. Then you thank them.

If you see a request you think you can fill, or something that jogs your creativity, then you fill it and post it anonymously in response to the request comment! :D


  • No pairing-bashing. All pairings, het (herp, what little you can find) and slash are allowed.
  • That said, no kink-bashing.
  • Some pairings in-and-of themselves are kinks (Alex/cement block) while others (Alex/Jay) are not. If your pairing is not in-and-of itself a kink, please try to include a kink or some type of request to inspire the person who chooses to fill your request. This will make it more fun for the writer and it will make it more fun for you to read when your request is filled, as it's more likely to be something you actually want to read.
  • Genfic and non-smut fic is welcome here. Please make sure you still make a clear request including characters and a scenario or prompt of some kind.
  • Humorous replies are okay, especially if requested. Please do not leave troll replies. It's rude, fills up the amount of responses to the meme and lowers TEAM MORALE. It also makes index!mod sad.
  • Please try to fill as much as you request. If not more. That will keep the meme alive and well!
  • The topic of RPS (real person slash) has now come up. Mods are neutral in the department of RPS. It happens on other kinkmemes. Until such time as a specific c&d request from one of the boys comes to our attention, RPS is allowed on this meme. If you do not like RPS or it makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to avoid all RPS topics. Please tag all RPS topics in the subject line.
  • Last but not least?


Now go go go go!

The question has been asked a few times if this meme will be expanded into the rest of the Slenderverse (ie: Tribe Twelve, Everyman Hybrid, etc.) The answer is no. This is a Marble Hornets Kink Meme and will remain such.


Writers, if you would kindly direct your attention this way and see if there's anything here that strikes your fancy, it would be most appreciated. Your brand new index mod will be checking back every now and again to make sure that filled requests get moved up into the filled requests section and that new unfilled requests are added to the unfilled requests section.
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This Kink Meme needs some TLC when it comes to Brim

Platonic lovin' or downright smut (Or both, both is good) I request some Brian/Tim (Scenario can be whatever your heart desires just as long as Tim bottoms).

This is not the appropriate place to post requests. Your request has been moved here to the first request/fill post.

Sweet Dreams (1/3)

It had been another one of those nights.

Soft snores, violently interrupted by a scream, glass breaking, footsteps frantically making their way away from the hospital. It wouldn’t be long before nurses came to the room, scowling at the familiar empty sight, disgusted by the blood that stain the sheets. It would take less time in this small town, however, for the escapist to find his way towards his destination: Rosswood Park.

He ran, his bare, tender feet snagging on branches, tearing the sensitive skin, adding to the bloodloss from his self-inflicted wounds on his hands. His breath was heavy, the cool air which chilled him barely making it into his lungs, although seeming to nip at his skin, causing goosebumps to make an appearance. When the woods finally came into view, he bolted for it. Alas, his injured feet and drained stamina couldn’t carry him far.

Not even a few trees far from the entrance, he fell to the forest floor, still gasping for air. He held his hands to the sides of his head, trying to block out the obnoxious ringing that had began. He’d fled to get away from it, but, he knew that when his body started to convulse, it had followed him here. He screamed, the night air suddenly becoming chillier than it had been.


Had someone called his name? A nurse couldn’t have made it this far so quickly, but, Tim knew that they’d probably already sent out a search party to find him. Was it… the thing calling his name? It did that a lot, probably to strike terror into him. That’s what it wanted: his fear.


Tim heard it again, this time louder. He clenched his head harder, this time screeching in response, rejecting the voice’s call. It was coming, he knew it. The voice got louder as it persisted with his name, and all at once, it was there.

Tim’s eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of that blank face, tears promptly blurring the sight afterwards. He uncovered his ears, his body still twitching, probably getting ready to slip into unconsciousness at any moment. Tim wished it would happen earlier so that whatever it had planned for him, he didn’t have to be awake for it. He hoped that once he’d blacked out that it would leave, and the nurses would be there to take him back to the hospital.

But, he saw mighty tentacles peek out from behind that dark, slender figure, and suddenly knew that there was no escaping what was about to come. A tear fell down his face as one came closer to him, and he choked out a sob as he felt the black appendage touch him.

It wrapped around Tim’s waist, startling him. He fearfully struck at it, then gripped it, digging his torn nails into the tendril. As he’d hoped it retreated, and let him go. However, he couldn’t flee, and resistance had seemed to only make the thing angrier. Tim braced himself, screaming one last time as it loomed over him.


Tim blinked, his eyes flying open a the sound of his name. It seemed that he was back in a room, and not covered in dirt on Rosswood’s floor. Had the nurses found him? Was he back in his hospital room, just waiting to repeat the events all over again? It never stopped; it chased him over and over, but, nobody could seem to understand except for him. He awaited a scolding from a nurse, followed by a doctor scribbling down notes on a clipboard as he tried to sputter out a few words, but, got nothing of the sort.


Tim looked up seeing a familiar face, a worried expression in those blue eyes that seemed to never cease watching over him. He sighed in relief and flopped back onto his pillow, suddenly feeling how sweaty he was. Tim touched his face, half to wipe the sweat, half to make sure that he was back in reality.

"Brian, it’s okay. I’m awake, it was just a nightmare." he told the concerned man.

""Only a nightmare". Tim, you talk about these night terrors like they’re nothing." Brian said sternly.

"Because it is nothing, it happens pretty much everyday-” Tim started, but shut his mouth when he saw the cut on his friend’s arm. “Brian, what happened?”

"I hit it on the nightstand trying to get to you." Brian lied.

Sweet Dreams (2/3)

The wound looked too large and too deep to be an incident that he’d had with the bedside table. Besides, Brian rarely ever left his side at night and it was highly unlikely that he'd jumped to the rescue from the other bed (which was neatly made up due to the fact that neither of them ever used it). Tim took a deep breath and sighed once again before asking, “Did I do this to you?” He didn’t really need an answer, seeing as to how there was flesh and blood beneath his nails.

"No, I’m fine, really-"

"Let me bandage it up."

Tim stood and trudged to the bathroom which had been provided for their dorm. What had he done? This hadn’t been the first time he’d hurt Brian in one of his accidental rampages caused by his paranoia. Sometimes, he’d even have to be pinned against the bed to stop. Why did he do this?

Tim opened up the mirror, which is where he stashed away his pills and medical supplies. He’d always have something nearby just in case he’d harmed himself and needed treatment. Tim grabbed the rubbing alcohol and some bandages before slamming the medicine cabinet shut. He got a quick glance at himself in the mirror, however, quickly turned away before he could examine himself. He knew what he would see: a pale face, dark circles beneath his eyes from many restless nights fighting nightmares, sweat dripping from his dark bangs. Brian tried his best to make him comfortable and help him rest at night, but, to no avail; his fears and night terrors continued to consume him.

"You know, you really don’t have to do this." Brian hollered from the room.

"Yes, I do." Tim replied, his voice not as strong, most likely from him yelling in his sleep, which his dorm mate probably wouldn’t admit to hearing, but, he knew he’d been doing it.

"Come on, Tim; you treat me like I’m your child." Brian whined jokingly as the other sat down next to him.

"That would be kind of weird, considering, well, you know…" Tim winked playfully.

"Mhm." Brian leaned in, giving him a small peck on the cheek.

Tim let out a small, giddy chuckle before returning to his work. He took Brian's arm, examining the wound he'd made. It wasn't too bad; he'd just broken the skin, is all. Still, it was a fairly deep gash, and Tim felt guilty and needed to insure that it didn't get infected, because running around Rosswood after slicing his flesh open had given him his own share of infections with wounds even smaller than this. He took the rag and poured a bit of the rubbing alcohol on it before prepping his boyfriend.

"This might sting a bit." he informed him, as if he didn't already know.

Brian let out a small whine when the alcohol first made contact, but, after a few seconds, the burn dissipated and his pained noise did as well. Tim rubbed the rag over the cut a few times and applied the bandage when the area had been sanitized. He was pleased with his work and all there was left to do now was check up on the gash every now and then until it completely healed. He let out a small sigh of relief before flopping back down onto the bed.

Brian knew that Tim was exhausted and probably didn't want to put the medical supplies away. He sealed up the rubbing alcohol and placed everything carefully on the nightstand. For a moment, Tim looked up, only to notice something peculiar about Brian's backside. He noticed that his back was covered in scratches; some simply red reminisce of what had happened, others actually cutting into the skin. He was about to say something, but, immediately knew that it must've been from him desperately clinging to Brian's back in his slumber.

"Here," a voice snapped Tim back to reality, and he suddenly realized there were two white pills being thrust to his face. "Maybe this'll help your nightmares?"

Tim knew it wouldn't; it only helped prevent hallucinations and seizures when he was awake. But, just to make Brian happy, he gratefully took the pills into his mouth and swallowed them without hesitation. "Thank you..."

"No problem," Brian nodded as he slipped back between the sheets.

Sweet Dreams (3/3)

Tim immediately snuggled up close to his boyfriend, burying his face into his chest. However, he also kept in mind not to put his hands near Brian. Unknowing of what to do with them, he lay awkwardly on one and the other rested lazily against his thigh. It felt odd having Brian's hands wrapped around his waist and his by his side.

"You can put your arms around me..." he muttered.

"N-no... I'm good." Tim stammered.

"It doesn't hurt, truly." Brian assured him, finding it obvious that he felt guilty for the scrapes on his backside.

"Brian... I just don't want to harm you anymore. Every time I have one of my attacks, you end up always coming out with a scratch or something and it makes me feel bad." Tim told him. "I just-"

His words were broken off by a soft, tender kiss. He kissed Brian back, feeling the other's hand cradle his cheek gingerly. He closed his eyes to savor the kiss for the second. They cherished the final few seconds before they finally broke the kiss, then Brian began to speak,
"Tim, you listen to me. We're in this together, okay? I got into this relationship knowing what I was getting into, and now I've got to help you through this. I can take a lot more than a few scratches if it means helping you through this, okay?"


"I love you, goodnight."

"I love you too; night Brian."

The room quieted once they'd said their final words of the night to each other. The only movement in the room was Tim wrapping his arms around his boyfriend after finally gaining the security to do so, although he was not entirely sure Brian wouldn't wake up with some new gashes. His snores were muffled by Brian's firm chest, which he'd firmly nuzzled up against. Tim was sleeping soundly, but for how long? Brian sighed before burying his face in the other's dark hair and murmuring two little words before going to sleep himself,

"Sweet dreams."

Can someone write one with Jay and Alex? Alex bottoms, pain can be involved.


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