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[sticky post]Marble Hornets Kink Meme
Simple. Just post an anonymous comment asking for a fic to be written. Obviously, this is called the kink meme for a reason, and it's mostly for, well, kinks. That doesn't necessarily mean full out sex, but go crazy. After all, this is anonymous for a reason.

Someone will, hopefully, reply anonymously with a story, long or short, based on your request. Then you thank them.

If you see a request you think you can fill, or something that jogs your creativity, then you fill it and post it anonymously in response to the request comment! :D


  • No pairing-bashing. All pairings, het (herp, what little you can find) and slash are allowed.
  • That said, no kink-bashing.
  • Some pairings in-and-of themselves are kinks (Alex/cement block) while others (Alex/Jay) are not. If your pairing is not in-and-of itself a kink, please try to include a kink or some type of request to inspire the person who chooses to fill your request. This will make it more fun for the writer and it will make it more fun for you to read when your request is filled, as it's more likely to be something you actually want to read.
  • Genfic and non-smut fic is welcome here. Please make sure you still make a clear request including characters and a scenario or prompt of some kind.
  • Humorous replies are okay, especially if requested. Please do not leave troll replies. It's rude, fills up the amount of responses to the meme and lowers TEAM MORALE. It also makes index!mod sad.
  • Please try to fill as much as you request. If not more. That will keep the meme alive and well!
  • The topic of RPS (real person slash) has now come up. Mods are neutral in the department of RPS. It happens on other kinkmemes. Until such time as a specific c&d request from one of the boys comes to our attention, RPS is allowed on this meme. If you do not like RPS or it makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to avoid all RPS topics. Please tag all RPS topics in the subject line.
  • Last but not least?


Now go go go go!

The question has been asked a few times if this meme will be expanded into the rest of the Slenderverse (ie: Tribe Twelve, Everyman Hybrid, etc.) The answer is no. This is a Marble Hornets Kink Meme and will remain such.


Writers, if you would kindly direct your attention this way and see if there's anything here that strikes your fancy, it would be most appreciated. Your brand new index mod will be checking back every now and again to make sure that filled requests get moved up into the filled requests section and that new unfilled requests are added to the unfilled requests section.
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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

Pack your bags, Alex is coming with the lighter fluid!
clean up
There was a suggestion (which I accidentally deleted) to have the meme moved somewhere that sucks less like Dreamwidth. I have set up a mirror of the meme at dreamwidth, importing all comments.

Unfortunately, that doesn't help the index and we will have to go through and re-link all fics and requests, which could take some time.

You are welcome to continue participating here or at the other meme, although, it might be good for people to maybe vote in the comments here about where they would prefer to have the meme, because having requests and fills at both locations will make it hard for writers and requesters to meet up with each other.

Please feel free to leave a comment on this entry stating where you would prefer to have the meme live!

(no subject)
There have been some complaints recently about the meme being "dead" or "inactive" and overloaded with spam.

We, as mods, have been bad about cleaning up the spam, but as requested, we have put aside our excuses, gone through, and cleaned out all the spam. Also, all requests and fills are currently indexed.

As for the place being dead, I would like to make a suggestion and reminder:

A suggested rule of etiquette for most memes of this nature is that for every 2 requests you make, you do a fill. When this meme started, people were really good about doing fills. The longer it has existed, the more requests there have been, while fills have not kept the same momentum. We have no way of knowing if it's the same people doing all the requesting and we're not trying to make any accusations. What we are asking is that if you're going to make a request and are in any way capable of filling something that someone has asked for, that you try to do do so. The requests are really piling up and the ratio is sometimes very discouraging. We've seen some requesters even specifically say that they will fill the request of anyone who will fill their request and then their request still goes unfilled.

No one here is trying to say that anyone is obligated to write anything, but we are trying to remind everyone how great it feels to have your request filled and ask that if it's something you are willing to try to fill, that you give it a shot.

We, as mods, have appreciated the activity here. This is a great fandom to be a part of and we have such a wonderful source media to work with. Enjoy your time on the meme. Keep requesting, keep writing, and keep loving Marble Hornets as much as you do, because that's what's really most important!

(no subject)
clean up
I don't know if you guys have been seeing the captcha when you try to leave comments, but it's been activated since September 8th. The mod team has been really busy, so indexing hasn't been kept up lately and neither has cleaning out the spam. The spam will be addressed today, indexing will happen eventually. Other than turning on captcha, we're not sure how to keep the spam out and captcha doesn't seem to be stopping it.

(no subject)
clean up
Because of the high amount of spam we have been getting lately, your mods have decided to turn on captcha for now as, we don't have the time to be constantly cleaning up the meme.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hello, I'm your Index Mod! I've been recruited to take on the belated task of indexing both filled and unfilled requests on the meme to make them easier to find!

Remember, anyone can fill a request more than once, but the unfilled requests should take priority over filled requests for obvious reasons.

If you notice any problems or any fics that have been filled that are in the unfilled section that I haven't gotten around to moving, please leave a comment here with "MH Kinkmeme Index" in the subject line and I'll get it fixed asap!

Index current as of 25 June 2014

Index!Collapse )