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This is the first request and fill post. Please go here for the sticky post containing the rules, how this meme works, frequently asked questions, request and fill index, etc.

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If other anon doesn't do it then I will!

do iiiittt

Either of you, I just don't want this prompt to fade away :(

Working on it now :)

(Hope this is ok,prt 1 from old fanfic on made before) Whos the real enemy [1/?]

Jay walked through Rosswood Park; hands in his sweatshirt pocket trying to keep them warm through the still cold morning air as he stomped through the dead grass and leaves that had fallen on the dirt floor of forest. His wide eyes scanned the surroundings before looking down at his camera and frowning when he realized the tape was running out. He stopped a second, sitting down on a tree stump and fumbling with the camera before the tape holder opened letting him take out the tape and put it in his pocket, grabbing out a new tape and putting it in the camera and began recording again. He stood up again and kept walking through the forest towards the tunnel he had been told to meet Alex at.

"Why are we here? Couldn't you have just told me what you found on Amy somewhere besides the forest?" Jay asked with a demanding tone looking a little angry. Alex looked at him with a blank expression before walking towards the young paranoid man before grabbing his jacket and pulling him towards the tunnel with him. "H-Hey stop!" he said angrily, he didn't like people touching him even more so than he was in his college years. Alex ignored him and threw him into the tunnel forcefully causing Jay to lose his footing and fall onto the cold wet ground, eyes widening even more as Alex went on top of him, hands on his throat, growling angrily.

Jay tried to breath but no air came, he made a soft choking sound, struggling to get away from his psychotic ex-friend for a few minutes before he began to lose consciousness. "A-Ale…." He tried to say his friends name but it was the last of the oxygen making him black out. Alex tried to keep his tight hold on Jay's neck fully intending on killing him in hopes to please the Operator and make him leave him alone.

Jay's body began to pale his heart beat slowing causing Alex to smirk, so close; he was so close to peace now he could almost feel it. But that was short lived because he felt an intense pain in the back of his head as something smacked his head and bounced off, hitting the ground with a loud crack. He let go of Jay to whip around to see the masked man holding stones in his hand ready to throw another one at the psychotic male. Alex growled angrily, Tim was going to ruin everything! "I'll kill you!" Alex said angrily fully intending on keeping the promise he had screamed at them and the hooded figure about the next time seeing them he would murder them as well.

Masky made a low growling sound as Alex ran full force at him, going for the masked man's throat but Masky somehow managed to keep away from the hands before managing to tackle him himself clawing at Alex's face angrily, using the stone in his other hand to hit Alex in the head multiple times as hard as he could as revenge for breaking his leg months earlier. Alex yelled in pain trying to grab the stone away but the masked man was far more determined to harm the director still hitting him with as much force as he could until Alex began to lose consciousness. After Alex's eyes closed, Masky paused a second

Re: (Hope this is ok,prt 1 from old fanfic on made before) Whos the real enemy [2/?]

before slowly getting up from Alex and limping over to the rock Alex had used on countless other victims, slowly picking it up and caring it over to the unconscious man and throwing it at his head as hard as he could making sure he was dead before looking over at Jay slowly regaining consciousness, getting up and staggering over towards Alex. His camera still on record as they put a hand on the rock but instantly flinching away feeling warm wetness on his skin before looking down at it and seeing blood. Jay panicked a second before looking at the masked man about to say something but Masky started running off, acting a little more panicked. "H-Hey wait!" he said after a second turning back to look at his dead friend, for some reason it made him tear up a little. He heard a twig break near the entrance of the tunnel making Jay look up quickly to see who was there. The being in front of him made the very hair on the back of his neck rise, his eyes widened once again as he saw the tall, well-dressed figure walking slowly towards him and his friend. Jay's head was screaming for him to run away but he was stuck in place like a dear in head lights.

He looked up at the tall figure when it was less than a yard away, the figure started sprouting tendrils. Jay slowly started to get a blank look on his face and began walking towards the tall figure, scared but comforted by the tendrils that held certain doom for the young man. He was pulled out of the trance when he felt someone pull at his jacket sleeve forcefully away from the tentacles. Jay whipped around quickly looking at the masked man who kept his hand clenched to Jay's sleeve as he began to run making the young man run with him as fast as a broken leg could take the masked man.

When they got to the parking lot the masked man finally stopped, turning over to him and looking at Jay silently a second, scanning his body for any signs of wounds before purring softly, happy to see Jay was ok. Jay blinked a little looking a little confused. "You….saved me?" Jay asked, he always believed that Masky had been around to hurt him, like he was plotting to kill and bring him to the strange being that had been following him and Alex for several years. But instead it seemed that Masky was the good one and Alex-Alex had been the one who was really the one who was the one with bad intentions. Waiting for an opportunity to kill him and leave him there for wild animals or the Operator to drag him off and do who knows what to his body.

Masky slowly nodded and Jay gave a small forced smile "And this whole time I thought-" he began but he couldn't talk anymore because a wave of emotions came over him making him start leaking tears causing Tim to head tilt.

"Are…you ok?" The masked figure finally asked sounding like he wasn't used to talking anymore. So used to having to be quieter than a mouse to sneak into Jay's home and around the forest without being detected by others in the area with him. Jay slowly nodded and tried to wipe the tears away there was just so much to take in at once. First Alex showed up and acted like such a hero Jay had been so happy to see his old friend again, then he started acting different- having more of a temper to him which he realized was something he could take seeing as he understood the stress due to what was going on himself but, but just minutes before Alex had tried to kill him. He couldn't believe he would do that, Jay had thought they were friends after all even if Alex and him had gotten into a fight a few days before. Even when they were friends they had fights but within just a few days they would be back hanging out acting as though the event had never happened but this? Alex trying to kill him still shocked Jay. Then to make it even stranger the man he had feared would hurt or kill him for the past two years had turned out to be protecting him instead and Alex was dead.

Whos the real enemy [3/?]

"I-it's just hard to take all this in a-at once." Jay said calming down. Tim took his mask off, his eyes slightly glazed over showing he was more in a trance then exactly in reality "You were helping me the whole time Tim…why didn't you tell me?"

"Needed to find out on your own." He stated after a second putting his mask into his jacket pocket and looking around the parking lot to see if anyone was watching them, no one else was there which seemed kind of odd to Tim seeing as Rosswood was usually packed "You needed to find out on your own because you wouldn't listen to me before."

"…oh." He sounded kind of disappointed at the answer, Tim turned to go but Jay followed after the limping man quickly, gently grabbing Tim's jacket sleeve "I…I have another question."

"Yes?" Tim asked after a second looking at Jay with a straight face, Jay looked down silently a second which made Tim think he had lost his nerve and he began to walk again towards his car where a hooded figure was waiting for him silently. "Wh-What is the ARK?" Jay finally called out loudly, as soon as Tim heard that he froze in his place before slowly turning around to look at Jay a moment, staring at him for a few moment, he wasn't even blinking

"That, Jay…you will need to figure it out on your own." Tim finally stated. Jay walked after him again; the hooded man in the car was getting out making sure Jay wasn't trying to hurt Tim. He removed his own hood and it was none other than Brian, the actor for Alex 5 years before. Brian was watching the two of them silently; a small frown on his face much like the dark mask had sewn on. Tim looked at Jay curiously as his paranoid friend froze in place when he saw who the hooded man was. Jay was pretty much kicking himself over the fact that he should have known who the person working alongside Tim would be.

"Just-thanks for helping me, Tim." Jay finally stated, Tim didn't reply except for the small nod he gave Jay before going in the car with Brian and leaving Jay there in the empty parking lot to go to his car and go to his hotel room to sleep the memories away.
Jay looked around the dark street a moment feeling as though he was being watched, but after watching the trees carefully for even a single movement and checking under every street light he realized that there was no one there to try to kill him. He closed his eyes momentarily and took in a slow deep breath trying to calm himself down before carefully cross the street to a fairly old looking home.
This was where Tim had texted him to come see him if he wanted more information and Jay had finally gained enough courage to do so. He felt pathetic, not having come here until now seeing as it had been over a month since Tim saved him from Alex and the Operator but he guessed he was here now and that was all that mattered.
He walked quietly up on the sidewalk listening the crickets that were in the front yard chirp until become silent as Jay’s footsteps sounded closer to them before starting up again. Jay listened to them a moment before he kept walking up the sidewalk and towards the door of the house. When he got to the door he hesitated momentarily before knocking 3 times.
“Who is it?” came Tim’s voice, Jay would have smiled slightly at that if this wasn’t so nerve racking to the young wide eyed camera man that stood at the door.

Re: Whos the real enemy [4/?]

“Jay.” He replied after a moment of deciding if he should tell him or just get away from the masked man that was behind the wooden door. For all Jay knew this was their plan, get him to trust them and once he was inside to tackle him to the floor and kill him.
“Oh-“came Tim’s voice again before unlocking the door and opening it wide enough for Jay to get in. The lights were off except for the ones in the back but Jay didn’t find this weird at all seeing that if the Operator was out in the front it would look like there was no one home or they were sleeping meaning nothing interesting was going on in the house that would be worthy for a stalking session “Come in.”
Jay walked in and looked around the dirty house. It seemed a lot nicer than his own; there were a few bags of trash near the garage door ready to be taken out and a few dishes here and there but nothing lying on the floor haphazardly like in Jay’s home.
Tim sat down on his couch and gave him a small unsure smile; he didn’t have that far away glazed look in his eyes anymore which meant he was back to normal; at least that’s what Jay hoped that meant. Tim was holding a small little journal in his hands, his fingers fidgeting with the page he was on. “What do you want to know?”
“Well first off-what’s that journal?” Jay asked sounding a bit unsure of him; Tim looked at him and moment before showing him the cover. It had the symbol of the Operator on the front that seemed to have been carved into it by someone, Jay didn’t know what that all meant. He wasn’t sure if that journal was good or bad just by looking at the cover. Tim saw the confused look and sighed opening it again before saying simply “Kind of like how you and Alex used a camera to record what was happening to you I write down what’s going on to me.” He explained “There’s actually a lot of information in here so I can help answer questions for you if you want.”
Jay looked down a second before looking at Tim again seriously “Well for starters when did you realize Alex was willing to kill someone?” he asked, his voice shook a little as he asked that, remembering Alex trying to kill him in the tunnel just a month before.
Tim didn’t even pause a second at that he just looked around to make sure no one was listening in on the conversation before lowering his voice as he began to speak “When I was working as an actor on Marble Hornets with Alex and the others he led me to an abandoned doctor’s office and kept me there for 3 days before leading Brian there and trying to kill him in front of me.” Tim began “He broke a few bones in Brian’s face and I had to try to get the strength to drag him to a hospital in my ill state at the time. It took me almost a full day to get to town but we managed.”
Jay looked shocked at Tim’s explanation, never in a hundred years would he have guessed that Alex would do something like that to someone as nice and relaxed as Brian was or even Tim, seeing as he was someone who was pretty much chill with everything that went on during the production of Marble Hornets. “Oh. “Jay stated lamely before looking down feeling bad for asking, he felt Tim staring at him with hurt eyes and immediately his wide brown eyes looked into Tim’s a second, scooting closer to him and resting his head on Tim, Tim went stiff a moment before relaxing once again.
“I’m sorry he hurt you.” Jay murmured and Tim sighed a little, Tim slowly, slowly moved his head to rest on Jay’s before sighing a little.
“Its fine, it was a long time ago Jay.”
“I’m not just talking about 5 years ago I’m talking about things that have happened lately too; him breaking your leg, and trying to kill you. I should have helped you but I was so confused and scared. “He felt absolutely horrible for not helping him the day Tim’s leg was broken especially now that he was possibly feeling something for him.

Re: Whos the real enemy [5/5]

He blushed slightly as Tim slowly petting a hand through Jay’s hair, assuring him in his own way it was ok, before Jay got the feeling the need to ask another question “Why were you trying to help me before? I mean I didn’t help you at all in fact I made things worse for you didn’t I?”
Tim opened the journal again and flipped through the pages and read it out loud for him “I went online and realized that Jay had started posting up videos of the Marble Hornets film that Brian and I had both been working on with Alex, the one who had tried to kill the two of us a little over 3 years ago. I would be willing to go up and talk to him about what is going on but feel like he should figure it out with little to no help from me. I can steer him on the right path but I do not want to become Operators next victim.”
“That’s not really the answer I was looking for. I didn’t ask why you decided to do it I asked you you’re helping me now.” Jay replied after a while causing Tim to close the journal and sigh thinking that question over in his head before scooting closer to Jay as if telling him a secret.
“I guess I really wanted to after I saw you walking down the hallway when we were about to do that interview.” Tim finally admitted “I remember my first thought being ‘wow, he looks way better then I remember him.’ I thought you were adorable and from then on decided that helping you get through this alive was something I wanted to do.”
Jay blinked a little, he had truthfully not expected that answer either. So did that mean that Tim felt something towards him? Well that was quite unexpected seeing as Jay hadn’t been used to any kind of good relationship in the 5 years since Alex first ran off and left him by himself in Alabama to fend for himself. Jay was flattered really he was but he was just not used to being told he was attractive or liked by someone.
Tim got a little closer to Jay whose gaze had shifted to the brown carpeted floor before jumping when he felt a warm set of lips press against his cheek gently once before moving away once again and opening up the journal once more.
“What else would you like to know?” Tim stated sounding a bit embarrassed since he felt Jay jump when he kissed his cheek. Jay looked at Tim now before shaking his head a little; his cheeks were a dark tint of red before looking up at Tim again.
“Uhh, yeah actually, I guess I do have one last question.” Jay finally said causing Tim to look at him, his head tilted now slightly in curiosity as Jay slowly inched closer to him. Tim had no idea what Jay was doing if he was just going to ask him something softly in case Operator had slender walked into the room, slap him for kissing him, or something else “Did you know that you missed?”
“Huh?” Tim asked looking at Jay confusedly before Jay stated the question over again, this time realizing what he meant. Jay slowly moved his face closer to Tim’s their lips brushing each other’s momentarily before Jay finally got the courage to press his lips against Tim’s experimentally before it became loving. Tim did the same and made a small happy sound into the kiss until Jay finally broke it to look at Tim.
“Good?” Jay finally asked blushing a little at Tim who cleared his throat and sat up straight, he fidgeted with the pages of journal again before nodding.
“You have no idea just how good that was.”

Re: Whos the real enemy [5/5]


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