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clean up
I don't know if you guys have been seeing the captcha when you try to leave comments, but it's been activated since September 8th. The mod team has been really busy, so indexing hasn't been kept up lately and neither has cleaning out the spam. The spam will be addressed today, indexing will happen eventually. Other than turning on captcha, we're not sure how to keep the spam out and captcha doesn't seem to be stopping it.

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Hey moddy people,

I understand you guys have been busy recently, but I was wondering if someone would be able to delete the massive amounts of spam that have taken over the meme? They're kinda putting me off coming here or filling things.

On a different note, I have an LJ, so if you need an extra mod or whatever to clean up the spam every now and then, let me know here and I'll let you know my handle.

Cheers dudes.

Done. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Next time, a subject line would be really helpful in bringing it to our attention, as "reply to your entry" can often be overlooked in our inboxes. We'll keep you in mind if we decide to take on additional moderators. Thank you for the offer.

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